First Cycle, 500 Test E Week

I’m 3.5 weeks into my first cycle, test e only, 500 mg/week. I front loaded the first week, and felt like it fully kicked in around the end of week two. I’m taking .25mg adex EOD, .5mg finasteride ED, and so far no problems. Strength and body weight have moved up nicely so far. I have nolva on hand for PCT starting two weeks post last shot.

The original plan was to be conservative and do 500/week for 8 weeks only. However, that will leave me with about 500mgs left at the end of the cycle, which I would just throw away. Since things are going smoothly, I’m willing to bump it up slightly. Still, my top priority is reasonable gains with reasonable risk and easy recovery.

Since I’m almost at the halfway point, you guys think it’s better to bump it to 625/week for the last four weeks, keeping the whole cycle at 8 weeks? Or add a 9th week at 500? Or just stick to the original plan of 500 a week for 8 weeks and throw the difference out? (that would be sad!)

What would likely give better gains? An extra week at 500, or bumping the last few weeks up to 625?

Thanks guys.

I’m not sure what would be better, but i’ve usually seen lower dose for longer… I had same question, 500 for 10weeks or 400 for 12, and everyone said 400 for 12.

Why would you throw it away?

I would run 9 weeks

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’m 90% sure that I will just add a 9th week at 500. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Thanks.

Hows your experience with taking finasteride? I am starting to show that I am prone to frontal vertex balding and been thinking of adding it. Thought 1mg/day was the standard?

Yes, 1mg a day is the standard. (propecia is 1mg). Ive heard a lot of guys say 1-2 mg per day while on. Im doing less because 1) I’m not that prone to balding, 2) it’s not a very aggressive steroid cycle, so I don’t need that much anti-dht, 3) I figured I’d rather run the risk of a little hair loss, and correct the propecia dose up as necessary than run the risk of the other propecia side effects, and 4) based on some research papers that suggest a lower dose of finasteride can have similar effects with less side effects.

It is a trade off. But if I start having some hair issues, it’s worth using a slightly higher dose. As a comparison, for prostate problems, finasteride is fairly well tolerated at 5mgs a day, so a mg or two doesnt seem unreasonable.