First Cycle, 400mg Test E

Hello everyone, I’m 24 years old 5’8” 188 pounds, I assume around 15% body fat. I’ve been lifting since I was 16 and I am going to start my first cycle but I need some opinions mostly on Ai dosing.
I plan on doing a beginner cycle at Test E 400mg a week for 12 weeks injecting every Monday and Thursday to see how my body reacts. I have arimidex that I was going to take .25mg EOD but some people say I might not even need it at 400mg a week and I don’t want to crash my estrogen levels.

Also my PCT is going to be 2 weeks after the last pin. Novladex 20mg every day for 4 weeks and clomid 50mg every day for 4 weeks

Please comment your opinions on my cycle layout, thanks!

Three weeks after your last pin.

Nolva 20mg/d for six weeks. Skip the Clomid.


take arimidex as you feel symptoms im in week 5 of a cycle 600 MG test 600 mg eq a week and ive used it 3 times.

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Okay, if I start to develop symptoms how much should I take ? .5mg?

You’re pretty damn built if you’re actually 15%! Hope you get the gains you’re looking for. Avoid the AI as best you can.

Yeah if I look at online charts I’m defiantly not 20%, I’d say I’m anywhere from 15-17%. I’m going to start the cycle at the end of March so I hope to be at a little lower % when I start it. Thanks for the feedback!

Nice! I just had a dexa scan done, highly recommend it. Pretty interesting stuff. You can always post a photo with no face and most guys are decent judges within the ball park. Sounds like you’ve got a great base to start with!

yes i took .5 2 days in a row one time and symptoms went away and i took .5 another time n they were gone the next day

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I would think I am around maybe 17%? Not sure let me know your thoughts. I am hoping to be leaning towards end of March when I start the cycle.

Always tough to tell in flexed photos, but id say 17-18% isnt too bad of a guess. I just got mine back at 14.5%. I’d highly recommend doing one before and after, only because it’s kind of cool to see truly how much muscle you put on. No real reason other than that.

Definitely a decent base to start off with. Probably would help to cut a few pounds of fat before getting on cycle so you don’t feel too bloated and heavy. Plus you can see the progress more.

Listen to the other folks and avoid the AI unless you end up really needing it.

10-20 mg of nolvadex/day on cycle is a better way to keep high estrogen symptoms at bay, without risk of crashing your E2. AI are shit unless you are taking really high amounts of test.