First Cycle: 4 Weeks Test E/Anavar. No PCT

I ran Test E 600mg/week for 4 weeks and Anavar at 50mg/day.
Had to stop the cycle short due to some side effects.

I had my last 300mg Test shot on Friday 17th May 2019 and I’m not looking to PCT.

My question is, will I be fine given the shorter length of my cycle? (btw this is my first every cycle)

I will ofcourse get blood work done over the next few months to check where my hormone levels are at.

Will I recover in terms of my test production bouncing back with no PCT at all?

NB: I’m 23 if it helps.

Why are you against a PCT?

I can’t afford anything at all right now, and also I’m grasping onto the hope that since it’s my first cycle, and it was short, and that I’m 23, that all of these factors will mean that I can rebound (I know rebound without PCT can be longer).

Why would you be irresponsible and start a cycle without pct and knowing you aren’t financially stable enough to properly use steroids. You knew the risk so how do you justify that?

Your going to be fine but the point is you need to wake up and start making better decisions in life. Part of having a healthy body is having a healthy mind as well and as long as you continue to make haphazard choices you will never succeed in either.


I was stupid and extremely eager to start my cycle (which didn’t even work out as I had planned for 12 weeks and now have gear for 12 weeks worth). I made mistakes and now I’m learning the hard way.

So in your opinion, I will be completely fine and rebound?

Thanks in advance for replying.

In theory no one NEEDS PCT. Now you won’t keep any of your gains, you will end up fatter than when you started and you might have some nice DD cups to fondle on those lonely nights when women treat you like their gay friend because they think you are going trans. (For the record I have nothing against gay, trans or anything inbetween,. Just making a point)

You seem to think your cycle was only four weeks. Incorrect, you pinned for four weeks. You will have had high levels of test at least two weeks past last injection. Then you will have low test for a while as your body starts to try and produce it’s own without any kick start.

You don’t know anyone else who uses steroids that you can trade your remaining bottles to for some Nolvadex or clomid?

Chances are that in the LONG run you will be okay but long run might be six months down the road or even a year. Go collect aluminum cans and recycle them until you have the money for PCT drugs.


You should fine someone at your gym who is in need of your excess gear and trade them for some Nolva. It’s perfectly fine to skip pct from a “it’s not going to kill you” standpoint. It’s a bad idea, but it’s not the end of the world. But it’s going to be quite unpleasant for a while and there will be some side effects (which will likely be worse than whatever you experienced on cycle).

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It’s not a bad idea. It just might be tough to do that since most people won’t want to disclose that they use AAS but I’ll give it a go as I still have time before a PCT protocol would usually begin.

What sides am I looking to expect if I can’t do a PCT?
Also, would the sides not be milder since I was only on cycle for 4w?

Thanks in advance.

Just go up to the front desk and grab the microphone and make an announcement.


Look up signs of low testosterone in men. That’s what you can expect starting to happen about a little past two weeks after your last pinning. As far as how long those signs will last?, depends on how your body is at recovery without proper support.

Now I am usually one of those guys that will insist 97% of herbal over the counter supplements will only give you at best a marginal benefit. However if you are just stuck with no way of getting Nolvadex or clomid then try to get some stinging nettle and some ZMA. It’s better than nothing. Tribulus might help too. Don’t go buy one of those name brand blends all they are is 0.12 cents of ingredients that they charge you 3-4 bucks for (talking about price per dosage). Try one of those health food stores that sell individual herbs or supplements. That or your best price option is the internet.

I know this sounds like a bad idea but most of us in this world have made mistakes and learned the hard way. Most of the guys that have learned the hard way will share their mistakes hopping you won’t make them. What I am getting at is the biggest guys in the gym are most likely on steroids. If they have regularly seen you in the gym then they sort of know you. Maybe talking to one of them might help you find someone willing to trade for the Nolvadex. Hell someone might have some old clomid they can’t take and they might give it to you out of sympathy. (Guys that react to clomid don’t know until they already bought a packet and started taking it)

Just about everyone of us has done something stupid so we know the feeling you have. We tend to look out for one another as well. The guy at the gym might point out your mistakes to make sure you don’t do them again but then he will probably at least try to help. Plus a bottle of good test is more valuable than a packet of Nolvadex so someone should want to trade.

You might have to eat humble pie but it’s better than growing flabby flappy titties. Just be respectful that you are asking him about technically illegal activity, dont just blurt it out. Hint that you have gotten yourself into a jam and you are hoping he might be able to help or know someone who could help. Refer to it as a “gear” question, usually that’s a good public word to use as it is not specific. He might not want to talk openly in the gym so you might have to wait around to speak to him in the Parking lot. Basically something like “I have gotten myself into a jam with GEAR and I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction?”

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Unfortunately no. Your body isn’t producing testosterone anymore. You told it to stop, so it stopped. The short length doesn’t make a difference here. Now recovery could certainly be quicker because of the abbreviated cycle, but that’s not guaranteed.

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I’m new on the forum and noticed your post. I’m 24 so I guess we kinda have similar test levels, and by similar I mean in the range of a young adult male in his early twenties.
I would like to ask you some questions like:

  • Why did you start a cycle at 23? For how long have you been lifting seriously?
  • What kind of side effects did you experience?
  • And why did you use Anavar from the start of your cycle instead of waiting to use it from let’s say week 10 - 14?
    Cheers man !
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I’d been lifting from the age of 16 and extremely seriously from the age of 18 onwards. I have decent amount of lifting experience and existing strength however I was looking to take my training and strength to another level. My 1RM’s on the big 3 lifts before and after 4 weeks using AAS were: (At 93kg bw)

S: 185kg, 215kg after 4w
B: 135kg, 155kg after 4w
D: 215kg, 240kg after 4w

I used Anavar from day 1 since Test E didn’t kick in til about week 3, and Anavar started to give me strength gains about a week after starting on it, so it was more to fill in the gap.

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This whole thing is a dumpster fire but just curious what was the sides? Why would you run var with test E? Was cycle to bulk or cut? Really doesn’t matter your way too young & uneducated to mess with this stuff but for Gods sake order some pct stuff it’s dirt cheap…

Just an update for those of you who read this. It’s almost 3 whole months since my last injection, which was May 17th, 300mg Test E and up until that day I had been running 50mg/day of anavar too.

I came off the drugs cold turkey, no PCT protocol at all. Had an all inclusive blood test on the 5th of August and just got the results, everything was in normal ranges and I’m happy to report that my Testosterone is at 623 ng/dl! Which is in the normal range. Regarding training, I would say I’ve lost about 10% of both my size and strength, both which I can build up over time.

If I had to explain how I think my body bounced back so quickly and efficiently, I’d say that it’s probably down to my age and the fact that this was and will be the only anabolic steroid cycle I’ll ever run.

What was your T before cycle?

The only cycle?

That’s what we all said … :smirk:

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I love this part :joy:

sure it is buddy… sure it is

What were your sides to make you stop on a long ester that early even though you bounced back so god damn fast ?