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First Cycle: 300mg or 500mg Testosterone E?

Hi guys I’m gonna start my first cycle of test E. I’m 41 years old my weight is 238, I’m 5’11 my body fat 30% I work out 5 days a week doing cardio and weights my goal is to do strongman. My question is do I start with 300mg a week split with two injections or 500 a week. I want to run it for 12 weeks only test nothing else then the normal pct. I’m new on this looking for advice thanks.

Lose fat.

You’re too fat to start a cycle. Strongman allows for a lot of extra weight, sure, but you’re starting where a guy looking to do strongman would end at on cycle. If you do this and eat and train right you’re going to be pushing 40% bf by the end. That’s just not something that anyone should be shooting for. You need to drop like 15-20lbs of fat before you can realistically get to a place where starting a cycle is responsible. At higher bf a cycle exacerbates everything. Your BP is going to skyrocket, your e2 will be borderline unmanageable, and you’ll feel like hammered shit. This is a bad idea and you should reconsider it until you’re at least a little bit leaner.

500 mg. Expect a bloat, may or may not affect blood pressure, depends on the guy. 12 week is short, if this is your first run, expect any future ones to be different. No matter the body fat, you will bloat less on future cycles. So, for bodybuilding you are not at an ideal place obviously, but for seroius strongman training you can jus trun with it. Do not use an AI. You will want to at times, but don’t. Cycling is uncommon in strongman for the most part, at least full off/on with PCT. That will be your call, of course. Watch the blood pressure and do some light cardio at steady pace several days a week. And don’t dirty bulk, you don’t need to. The cycle will burn some fat off if you are realistic with the diet. You will need the higher E2 for your joints and the fat will leave you feeling less beat up.
Regarding the bloat, there was a running joke among the wives when I competed. When asked which one was their husband, they said “The bald guy with the goatee and the tattoos”. Because that was virtually all of the guys. The goatees were to cover the bloat, the baldness was a different side, and he tats were personal choice.

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Thanks for the feedback , I will update in a few weeks.

Do you want to be a weight class lifter or open? 231 weight class in strongman is an option, and if that is what you want to do, you will need to be leaner.

I would like to be in open class, I will think about it for 231. I still need to loose some pounds and get a bit leaner.

You could make the U105 with a mild water cut right now, but once you start that cycle you’ll be a lot further away from it.

Start with 300 and see how that goes, I did my first on 300 test E and absolutely blew up in 12 weeks, in the middle I thought I’d go to 500 and within a week I got bitch tits, they are still there.

Yea for sure I think 300 is good to start with, every human body is different and how react.