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First Cycle, 30 Years Old

I have been lifting for 11 years,
I am planning to do my first cycle:
Test 500 per week and small doses of winny (50mg per week)
Followed by a pct

Everyone advises T only
My reasoning behind adding some winny was to limit the potential aromatizing from the T, does this maie sense to you guys pr are there better ways to avoid aromatize and gyno? or would clomid or other during the cycle be more effective at preventing gyno?

If you think using stanozolol as an AI is a good idea then you shouldn’t be using anabolic steroids

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Well, that’s why i’m here to educate myself, what AI do you propose?

Search through these threads, there’s a guy on these forums called physiolojik, he’s an endocrinologist/man who is literally bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger was in his prime, I’d write you a detailed answer full of help, however in this case the information you’re looking for is so easily accessible there’s no point in me writing things others and I have said countless times on this board. Stanozolol isn’t an aromatase inhibitor by the way, it’s a C17AA derivitave of dihydrotestosterone, and it’s fucking harsh on the lipid profile for most, even moreso than most C17AA compounds.

Sorry if I’m being a dick, I actually have no right to be an asshole, it just irritates me when people decide to jump into using anabolic steroids without having any knowledge on the drugs themselves or potential consequences that may arise from AAS use.

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Winstrol won’t act as an AI. And at that dose it won’t act as an anything. Just run the test as you planned and look into Nolva as a compendium.

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Its funny in these threads and we all do it all the time…but one of us usually ends up playing the bad cop and one of us is the good cop. Today @unreal24278 was the bad cop! LOL :joy:

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Right thank you I will therefore do T cipionite 500 per week for 12 weeks with nolva (i have to check how much) on the side followed by a nolva clomid pct (I also have to check the dosage), I just hope things go back to normal on the hormone side of things once the cycle is done.
Is it often that cases happen when T doesn’t get back to normal?

You may not need the nolva initially but should have it on hand. If you choose to start the nolva, try 20mg EOD and bump to ED if necessary.

I’m not a PCT guy so I cant help you on that

Thanks guys :slight_smile: