First Cycle 30 Year Old

Another first cycle post. I know lol. Looking for some thoughts on this cycle.
Running this cycle for 15 weeks. Note: Not going with 16 because then I would have to buy another bottle for just that 1 week. Another note I have an extremely experienced friend helping me out with this cycle however I feel like it is a bit to much for a first cycle which is why I am posting. Basically want to know if it is too much for a first cycle/is it really going to make a difference running this much for a first cycle. Or do I reach a point of diminishing returns with this much for a first cycle and I should cut back? I have been weight lifting since I was 18. I know the risk and want to take the next step.

Test E at 500mg/w injected twice a week
Deca at 400mg/injected twice a week
Tbal at 25 mg/week for 3 weeks

  • My friend has left over tbal from another cycle and is saying that I should just use it so I can get those “fast gainz” and then the test e and deca can take over. I think its too much what do you think?
    Airmidex at .5mg/eod
    Mk-677 at 25mg/w (Will also be running this post cycle)

Have pct figured out no need to post about that. Also got a liver support.

Thank you in advanced.

Trust your instincts.

Just do the standard first cycle of 500mg of Test a week, divided in two injections E3.5D. If you cut the oral, you won’t need the liver support. Get blood tests before, and again after 4-6 weeks and check your E2 - I’m not sure your Adex dosage is right and blood tests will tell you.

I would not assume that you have

There’s a thread here on the proper pct, check it out and compare.

Good luck.

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Kick starting with an oral is sound but usually you run it a little longer and I’m not so sure tbol is the best choice. Most will advocate test only for your first cycle. Some have bad experiences with deca but it’s a great mass builder and your dosages seem reasonable.

Yeah, I think for a second cycle. The idea behind a first cycle, IMO, is to see how you react to AAS. If you’re running a long ester and add in a short one, Dbol, and shit goes sideways, how do you know if it’s the oral or the injected?

Just my .02

Test only first cycle. PCT towards the end. Pretty basic stuff. No need to reinvent the wheel. And like @The_Myth said, if something isn’t right and you have multiple compound in you, you won’t know which one is giving you the problem.

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