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First Cycle, 250mg Test E. Increased Calories, No Weight Gain

On week 8/10 on first 250mg on first cycle testosterone enanthate. I know it’s low dose but few people recommended for first go.

Took on board the advice that shouldn’t worry about staying too lean on first cycle and make the most of it.
Have not been eating too excessively on about 3800 cals a day. 50% protein 35% carbs and 15% carbs give or take.
I’ve been gaining about 2lbs per week on 3800 and have noticed some fat gain so want to knock down to 3500. I wasn’t exactly lean at the start of the cycle I was about 15-17% bf looking back I should have cut first had a few extra lbs off corna haha!

However I’ve been increasing calories throughout cycle. There was about 10-14days where I was on about 3300-3500 and the no weight went up on the scales. Could this have been me burning fat but gaining muscle since I was just maintaining weight or what?
A bit lost as to what to do. Any help would help be good.