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First Cycle: 250mg/ml Deca, Test Enth


Hey fellas im new to this and new to roids,
I've done a rediculous amount of research an decided to get some deca and test enth
186 cm
86 kg
Around 14% bf

Just wondering if this is a good cyc?
I know most of you will tell me to use nothing but test and whatnot but I already have 2 vials of each
I was thinking of running 1-1.5 ml of each a week for 4 weeks then kick it up to 2 ml a week of each,
Any advice would be great thanks!


Please read:

I see no reason to start with 250mg/week of each and increasing it to 500mg each after 4 weeks.

For a first cycle you’d better stick with Test E only. Inject twice weekly. Front load by injecting 750mg on your first day and 250mg on all the others (monday and thursday).

But that’s just me because I don’t like deca.

What is your AI?

What does your PCT look like?