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First Cycle 20 Y/O

Im 20yrs old 6,1 187lbs around 10-12 bf i was thinking about running low dose test E (to avoid sides) with winny.

Week 1-10 test e 350mg/week. 2 pins a week.
Week 3-9 winstrol 30mg/day. 10mg 3 times a day.

Clomid 50505050
Nolva 20202020

I also run adex 0.5mg EOD

I tought about cutting a bit before starting like for 4 weeks to drop bf and then rebounding calories over time while waiting for the test to kick in so i would avoid some fat gain.

Cut the winny, I would start with a Lower dose of adex just In case it’s too much and you crash, could can always increase it later, and wait about 5 more years before starting the cycle. My opinion.

You should be thinking about getting your diet and training together before you think about running test.

If your gonna do it regardless cut the winny just run the test

The chances of you needing adex on this test dose are slim unless your prone to gyno/high estrogen. And even then the chance of you needing this much are even slimmer

The modern belief seems to be pick one or the other. Most going with nolva due to less sides.

I think you should do the opposite. Spend a couple years eating big training hard natural then run a test cycle and cut it up

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What are your goals? Because your size and bf don’t scream “guy who needs to cut”. Why not bulk up a little bit?

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