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First Cycle, 16 Weeks Split. PCT Advice?

Hi team,
What’s your thoughts on my first cycle 1-8 week 500mg test e and 300mg deca followed week 9-16 500mg 250 and 400mg eq cycle with arimidex e3d. Was going to do nova starting week 17-18 40mg Ed and week 19-20 20mg Ed
I’m just into wk9 and gained 7kg of lean mass (on s strict meal plan) so getting results.
Question is thoughts on the PTC and timing and also open to thoughts on what other cycles could be recommend for my next cycle with those 4 compounds?

Who told you this was a good idea? Because you should not listen to that person ever again. This is unremittingly stupid. Nothing about this makes the slightest bit of sense.

You think I should stay with test e + deca? My understanding the second part is for cutting

Yes, stick with those two compounds. Deca takes awhile to start yielding results so cutting it out after week 8 is no bueno. Similarly switching to EQ makes no sense as its takes even longer so you are better off just running the Deca throughout. I assume you were sticking with the 500mg test either way as your second phase says 500mg ‘250’.

Thanks for the reply mate, Was actually sus 250 with the eq but it seeming as tho 8 weeks on each is rather not beneficial enough.

Yes no need to switch from Test E to Sus. Stick with the Test E.

Your pct as planned is also all kinds of bad. The timing is not at all right. How did you arrive at this fakakta plan anyway?

From a convincingly trusted source, I guess that’s incorrect, kinda why I’m on here, getting further info from different sources. What would you suggest mate, say if I stuck with the 2 compounds, finishing off the deca at 12 weeks and the test e at 14? Cheers

Start pct at week 16 at the earliest. Probably Nolva for four weeks. 40/40/20/20

Basic understanding of what the drugs do and things like half life, aromatize impact, impact to prolactin, impact to dht should all be understood before cycling.

It amazes me how people are so willy nilly with their bodies.

If it only takes an hour or two of research to inject yourself with hormones, you probably need to reevaluate your risk assessment abilities.