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First Cycle - 15 Weeks Test E

15 week cycle:
500mg/week of Test E
Inject 250mg of Test E every 3 days (mon/thurs)
Arimidex 0.5mg every other day starting week 2

Weeks 16-17: nothing due to enanthate ester still releasing test
Weeks 18-23: 50mg Clomid every other day
Weeks 18-23: 20mg of Nolvadex every day - Another option is 10mg every day depending on estro levels

Any suggestions on my PCT? I’ve gathered most info from /r/steroids or other forums.

You are rising crashing your estrogen with that dose of Anastrozole especially when you likely won’t need any on that dose of Test. Crashing estrogen is one of those things that can completely fuck everything your doing because there isn’t any quick and easy solution to fixing it. You’ll have to feel like complete and total shit for up to a month.

If you read any random 3 threads here you’d know the same PCT is done for just about everyone. Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) 40mg/day for 2 weeks and then 20mg/day the next 3ish weeks. Clomid does the same thing but with possible extra side effects so you’re better off with the more tolerable but equally effective Tamoxifen only.

R/steroids is sofa king we Todd ed. (say that out loud to yourself).


Every three days is not consistent with Monday and Thursday injections. We live in a 7 day a week world.

Also, only the AI if you need it. I would not start out just taking it for the heck of it.

You think Aromasin is better than Arimidex? I’ve been reading a lot about the two since making this post and it seems like Adex has greater chance of crashing E2 levels where as Aromasin won’t?

Not to sure. What I would do, is not use it until you need it, then use less of it than most would recommend. I would start with .25 mg doses. I have only taken adex. When I was using it, I was dosing it at .125 mg 2X a week. That was for 150 mg of Test C a week for TRT. When I got my blood work back I had low E2, and haven’t used it since then.

Ive wondered what is the likelyhood to have real high e2 symptoms on 500-700mg test? We know in TRT doses AI is not necessary, but what about these doses?
And what about if you add a little HCG on top?

1000mg would be likely. 500mg I doubt anyone would need it.

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Some people argue even at 1000 you dont because at some point e2 stops to raise

May I ask why you decided on 15 Weeks?

Have you obtained any info on the potential sides of doing 15 weeks vs say 10 or 12?

I am currently 6 weeks into a planned 12 week blast but got sick at the start of week 5 so considering extending by a week or two.

Sounds to me he meant 3.5 days

Since I’ve purchased 3 vials (250mg/ml) I wanted to use all three vials in completion and not leave any left over.

Thoughts on HCG? Was thinking of running 500iu through my 15 week cycle then stop it when the 15 weeks ends. Wait 2 weeks then start PCT.

With your dose of T I would wait minimum 3 weeks before PCT. 4 weeks being ideal. If it is me, I would not use HCG during the cycle (HCG can complicate a cycle as it will likely raise E2), but I would use it in between your last pin and your PCT. HCG has a short half life, so you only really need to stop 2-3 days before PCT.

I would do 500 iu of HCG EOD between the last pin and stop 3 days before PCT.

I would throw in an oral honestly. Many people will tell you to run the standard “500mg test” cycle but adding an oral was pretty solid for my first cycle. Dbol for the first 4 weeks of the cycle or Anavar near the end wouldn’t be a bad idea :ok_hand:t2:. Dbol would probably be your better/cheaper option with some pretty significant gains in a short period of time. Depending on your source the odds of Dbol being faked are slim to none but Anavar on the other hand can often be faked. As far as the AI I would also wait a bit before you start taking it. Everyone will tell you each guy responds a bit different. I personally have to take a small dose of aromasin at a trt dose of 250mgs per week but that’s generally on the high end regarding trt.

Good advice, I have looked into an oral and Dbol would definitely be my choice to kick start everything. In regards to the AI I think I’m going to keep it on hand and wait till I start feeling E2 sides as crashing E2 can be very detrimental.

So 500iu EOD starting the day I pin my last dose of Test which let’s say is on a Thursday? Or would I wait till the Monday, run it for 2 weeks, then start PCT after that?

It won’t matter much if you pin it on your last dose day or wait a day or two. Make sure to pin it SubQ. HCG is supposed to be pinned that way.

2 weeks is really pretty early to start PCT. You are taking 500 mg/wk. Half life is about one week for Test E. Your natural levels (before cycling) are probably around what 100 mg of Test E a week would get you. Additionally, your HTPA is going to be hesitant to restart if your exogenous Test level is higher than your endogenous Test level would normally be. You would have these levels based upon exponential decay…

One week after pin equivalent dose: 250 mg
Two weeks after pin equivalent dose: 125 mg
Three weeks after pin equivalent dose: 62.5 mg
Two weeks after pin equivalent dose: 31.25 mg

After two weeks you can see you will likely be above natural production. I encourage you to wait one more week if you want your PCT to be more effective.

Yeah. Good call. You will see some solid gains on 500mgs of test and 4-5 weeks of Dbol.