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First Cycle - 12 Weeks

Hello guys, thats my first 12 weeks cycle im planning doing. I have put a lot of research in it as you can see. Always opened in advices and what to fix.

1-4 week:

750mg test e week
750mg deca week
150mg mast week
20mg dbol day
40mg epistane day

5-7 week:

325mg test e week
750mg deca week
150mg masteron week
30mg anavar day
60mg epistane day

8-9 week:

325mg test e week
325mg deca week
150mg masteron week

10-12 week:
250mg test prop week
150mg npp week
150mg masteron week

pct : nolvadex, proviron, hcg.

On cycle: letro,promixepole, liver support etc.

masteron is prop.

This is waaaay overkill for a first cycle. stick with test only, along with 1 oral at a time. Otherwise, you won’t know for the future which compounds work well for you and which do not.

I would never, EVER run Deca in a first cycle. That’s just stupid. You clearly have not done ENOUGH research.

What made you decide to run such a heavy cycle for your first time? Did someone suggest this cycle to you? Also, why do you switch from d bol to anavar at week 5, and then only run anavar for 3 weeks?

Finally: How big/strong are you? And what are your goals? Give us an idea of what sort of level you’re at in terms of lifting. How long have you been doing it?

that cycle is just weird

I counter all the side effects of Deca, I might change pct also and and add HCG from the beggining to the last day of my cycle. I have done search of course and you can see it. Its a recompo cycle.

I wanted to go heavy since first cycle is the cycle that does wonders and I wont change that no matter what or… i will change things if someone have scientology facts that its gonna ruin my entire life. I might change from 750mg to 500mg per week.

A good old fashioned recompo I see :wink:

Thanks. I will add some changes and Im also opened for advices.

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