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First Cycle: 12 Weeks, Test E + DBol

So I’m 22 years old, have been lifting almost 9 years, my diet and training are fine.

I would run 500mg/w of Test E (250mg twice a week- Monday and Thursday)
Thinking to add DBol in the middle of cycle (week 6-10) 40mg daily, but maybe I will do just Test.

Also I want to run HCG (week 4-12) 250iu E4D and Arimidex (week 3-12) .25mg EOD.

Nolva for PCT (week 15-18) 40mg/d first 2 weeks, 20mg/d last 2 weeks.

Weight 225lbs
Height 5.9ft

Bench 330lbs 2 reps
Deadlift 530lbs 3 reps
Squat 440lbs 1 rep(weak)

Goals: I compete in bodybuilding and powerlifting last 4 years but now I need to push limits for more succes. I want to gain at least 10-15bs from this cycle and take muscles to better quality and improve my lifts.


  1. It is okay to run arimidex from 3rd week? I think so, becase Test E starts aromatizing after 4-5 week, just want to know your opinion.
  2. Would you run DBol in the middle of cycle too? (This is my first cycle)

IMG_20190407_105937 Actual shapeIMG_20190407_200335

I’d stick with the test only, but the time you’re thinking about adding the dbol is probably better than 99% of all the other guys who try to add it to a first run.

As for the arimidex timing…use it if you need it. You may need it pretty early on, you may never need it at all. Everyone is a little different. But one thing is for sure, testosterone does not start aromatizing after 4-5 weeks. It starts immediately. Within an hour of your injection. Whoever told you that was not being truthful.

Thanks for the response. Yeah I also think It’s better for adding it in the middle of cycle…I will think about it, I’m in the preparation for my next powerlifting contest, so I think it would be good for more strenght.

Haha, it told me one long-user who is also competing and looks very good, but I will trust YOU. I’m thinking to run just nolva during cycle (in the case of aromatase), but surely will have arimidex for hand.

Btw: Sorry, if my English isn’t good, I’m an European.

Do you by any chance know what your body fat is? Like an accurate body fat not a bathroom scale body fat.

I ask because we have very similar builds I’m a couple inches taller. Just curious as to where your at.

I’m about 12-14%, I’m not actually that fat, my diet is very clean all year. Have just one cheat meal once a 2 weeks.

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Look, abs are still visible :smiley: ! (Off season shape)

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Much better Pic. I’m 6 foot 220-230 ish. My bod pod test put me at 14% BF my bathroom scale puts me at 22%. My build is very similar just a tad bit smaller size wise.

Dude, you’re a beast natty. Can’t imagine how much more you’ll get once you start cycling.

Thank you! :slight_smile: Hard work all those years. I will definitely post a progress!