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First Cycle. 12 Weeks. Input?

I’m a 28-year-old male been training and dieting seriously for the last 10 years. I’ve been holding off on testosterone for a while now and I figure it’s about time to give it a go. I’m looking to go on a 12 week cycle. I’m 5’7 160lbs fairly lean. I currently have access to Testoplex-e300 300mg. Would anyone recommend this for my first cycle?

It’s Test C so it’s a good choice for a first run. What dosage were you considering?

Yes test E/C is fine. Make sure you have Nolva on hand for PCT and you can also use it at low doses if you get gyno flare ups.

I initially wanted to start with 500mg a week. 250mg twice a week for 12 weeks, but the test I have available is only 300mg. I am slightly confused as far as dosages and potency. I was under the impression that the mg is the dosage, but the bottle says it contains 10ml 300mg. I thought 10ml=1000mg. Please excuse my ignorance, I promise you I have put forth effort as far as research and side effects. I have had my test levels checked the last 6 weeks and I’ve been monitoring my blood pressure and heart rate in preparation for this cycle.

Here is a picture of the product.

Yes I will be using Nolvadex for my PCT. I will only be running Test for my first cycle.

That’s 300mg per ml which equals 3 grams (3000mg) per vial. Plz don’t take this as an insult but until you know things like this you have no business injecting yourself with something.

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You’re absolutely right, which is exactly why I haven’t yet and why I’m here on this forum educating myself before I do so. I’m sure that one 15 year old on here injecting himself with 1000mg a week is better off than me.


Good I’m glad to hear. As I said I meant no offense in my statement. Besides dosages I’d reccomend researching the effects of testosterone on your endo system. Effects mentally all the risk involved and estrogen conversion to just name a few

Yes, I have thoroughly researched all of the side effects and I’m still in the process of educating myself entirely. I appreciate you looking out. I am currently 2 months out from my potential first injection. I don’t even have the product in hand yet. It’s just what my pharmacist has available.

So doing 500/w with 300mg concentration is a wee bit tricky. You have to be very precise with your measurements when you’re drawing and, no offense, I do t know that you’re quite ready for that just yet.

So here’s my recommendation, in the interest of keeping it simple for you: pin .5ml three times a week. That’s 450mg/w and honestly you won’t notice the difference between that and 500mg. Especially not on your first cycle. Pinning gets easier with practice, so the extra shot per week won’t be as big of a deal as it may seem.

Or go nuts and pin 1ml twice a week and do 600mg. That probably won’t kill you either. The reality is that there’s always some margin of error with this stuff and it’s all about managing your diet, training, side effects, and of course the mental aspect of what you’re doing. You’re trying to get educated before doing anything. That’s good. Keep learning. And don’t stop once you’re on cycle. Keep learning, even when it seems like you know what you’re doing. And keep asking questions. We’re all here to help and occasionally make fun of people. But mostly help.

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I’m really appreciating all of the responses. I understand I may come off very ignorant, but I’m here to educate myself because I am taking this matter very seriously. So would this Testoplex-e300 be a good starting point for my first cycle? I can probably keep looking for other options, but I had to go through about 10 pharmacies before I found any Enanthate.

I would pin 1ml twice weekly for 600 mg/week. Chances are it’s slightly underdosed anyways.

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Lmao I’m trying different approaches. People seem to get offended easily by things I say I don’t understand why tho.

You probably correct peoples spelling errors too. You one of those there Grammar Nazis? lol

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Isn’t it always tricky though? there’s always some left in the needle that never gets fully squeezed out. Injecting 150mg vs 180mg isn’t going to be that drastic of a swing.

I read that a lot of people slightly over put in the syringe for this very reason. so instead of putting 1cc, they’ll do 1.2 or something

My Dr called me yesterday after I did lab work. He told me my Test levels are really high must be a timing issue. Off of 200mgs a week I am over a 1000. I had to scramble and think of what to tell him before I put my TrT into jeopardy. I told him I just injected yesterday. He asked me where on the barrel of the syringe do I fill. I told him to the 5 which was for 50mgs. LOL He goes UHHH thats a 100mgs twice a week then. He told me to stay on that protocol and get lab work the morning of my shot.

This lab work where I am over a 1000 is the day before my shot. I have been at that protocol for 9 months now. I am thinking about backing down my dosage.

My PSA and CBC were great he said.

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I mean, I empty the barrel every time, but I’m also on trt and am pinning twice a week, so I’ve gotten very good at squeezing out every last drop. But generally speaking you’re right.

my first cycle involved 300mg test e…I said fuck it and pinned it 600 weekly for 12 weeks, meanwhile, while saying fuck it, I kickstarted it with 30 mg of dbol a day for the 1st 4 weeks, also I ran proviron 25 to 50 mg the entire cycle, and I never used a serm but I ran adex twice a week at 0.25 mg when off the dbol, and fuck me if I ever got it figured out on the dbol……it was everything I wanted it to be, my only regret was not running 1000mg of tren enanthate weekly with it…