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First Cycle, 10 or 12 Weeks?

Just wondering if some of you more knowledgeable guys could point out some of the the advantages and disadvantages of running a 10 week first cycle versus a 12 week cycle. Which is better/worse and what is the theory behind why you believe so.

Edit: I guess I should add that I am looking at a pretty basic cycle.
500mg of Test Cyp per week

Read the stickies and do a quick search. It works. I promise :wink:

I have read the stickies, in fact, several times over. Yet as in my original question, I cant seem to find anything into “the theory behind” why people believe to do one or the other. I am actually just looking for people’s personal opinions.

As far as I have read from past posts, some of the factors include:
a) Cost
b) Short cycle = faster recovery time, indirectly leading to another cycle in a shorter time frame
c) What else am I missing?

@ Humbug, I will say thank you for the bump, however, as stated in my original post I was looking for some of the opinions of the more knowledgeable guys. Not someone to repeat a static reply, when in fact 5 days ago you posted a thread questing which pct protocol you should take, which could of been answered if you had followed the advice you have given here to me.

Even though I only signed up for these boards a little over a year ago to post my first question, I have been reading these steroid boards periodically for a little over two years. So I understand how frustrating it can be with some of the bullshit threads some people start. However, a little patience can go a long way, especially when someone posts a legitimate question to be able to pick the minds of the experienced (God what I would give to sit down with Brook, Bill and some of the others here for a week and pick their brains…)

I must have misunderstood your question. I apologise.

However, I still suggest you read the newbie cycle planning thread again. Maybe it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but it does contain quite a bit of info on different cycle lengths.

lol wow, bitchslapped ole humbug I like that.

you said more knowledgeable folks so I was staying out of this cause I really dont know much.
but I will give it a try

shorter cycles are infact easier to come off of,reason is not the total amount of gear you use its really the length of time on the gear that gets you.

a generic example would be you can use 1 gram a week of test for lets say 5 weeks and have the same results as a 10 week cycle of 500mg a week
not sure about gains as that is debatable due to training time or whatever but lets talk a recovery standpoint.

you will be shut down no mater what,longer cycles you are shut down for a longer time allowing time for atrophy to set in.
so the longer your testes atrophy the more uncomfortable it is to have them come back.
I have had times where it would feel like I was being kicked in the balls lightly all day, not painful but really uncomfortable.

another pro to shorter cycles is the cost like you said,you obviously buy less gear.
but also your pinning less which exposes you less to the sides that come from that,including infections from general injection hygiene,abscesses from the bolus,scar tissue ect.

but also if you buy enough for a 12 week cycle and only run 8 weeks you have a little left over for whatever reason.
there may be times when you need that little extra from loosing product.

thats about it, really simple really.

To echo mostly the same things Maddy told you -

The less time the HPTA is suppressed, the easier it is to recover. The amount of gear used is not important if the time on is the same - as per the example Maddy gave.

The reason i wanted to add to it was simple; A shorter cycle may not (and in many cases will not) be cheaper than a longer cycle, as higher doses would or should be used to maximize gains… See Maddy’s example of 1g Test for 6 weeks compared to 500mg over 12 weeks - one would gain more off the gram IME, they would recover in less time post cycle - BUT it would cost the same, obviously.

Also risk of infections should never be a reason to run a longer or shorter cycle or ester… it should not be common enough to be any sort of issue.

At the end of the day, it is easier for the HPTA to recover the less time it is inhibited - no matter if the dose is higher or lower (after suppression occurs).


Thanks for the info MaddyD, much appreciated.

And you as well Brook.