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First Cutting Diet - Please Help

Hey guys! This is my first cutting diet. I need some help.
I’ve been on a clean bulk for about 4 months and reached up to 165 pounds.
Up from 149. I know that it was mostly muscle but I still feel like my body fat % is around 16-20
Can’t really tell.

I called it 18 % and i therefore made these calculations
165 x 0.18 = 29.7
165 - 29.7 = 135.3
divided by 0.9 (I want to get to 9%) = 150. 333

So basically i have to loose about 15 pounts of fat. So 15 x 3500 = 52500 / 500 calorie deficit = 105 days. So 105 days of a 500 calorie deficit should get me there.

My current intake various from 2600 on non- training days to 3000 on training days (I have a low calorie requirement due to intense dieting in the past that helped me lose 66 pounds).

So how should I go about this? Should I incorporate HIIT? Some Tabata sessions? Switch to Total body training? Do pre-breakfest low intensity cardio?

Should I low carb? Or cut carbs after a certain time? Increase my protein intake? Increase fat intake?

Do I risk lossing muscle by consuming 1900 cal on non training and 2300 on training days?

Thanks for the input guys! I am going to Brazil for my christmas holidays and I really want to be ripped (I am 17 so it really matters. Especially in Brazil :smiley: )

How tall are you? I ask because–and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this–unless you’re towards the shorter end of the scale, you probably won’t look big at 150lbs. Now, you might be ripped, and some ladies love that, but if you ultimately want to get as big as possible, doing a cut now will only slow the progress you’re making. If what you’re saying is true, then you’ve put on on average a pound a week for the past four months, which is great!

Since you seem set on cutting though, HIIT, additional cardio, and complexes would all be good to work into your rountine: when calories burned > calories consumed, you’re going to be losing weight, it’s simple! I don’t know what kind of weight training you should be doing, as I’ve only ever trained with the intention of putting on mass, but I assume that in order to maintain mass while dieting you would apply similar principles in designing a routine. I’m sure some of the more experienced guys will be able to recommend something.

I would try to make sure that you’re consuming adequate amounts of protein (I think 1.5g/lb bodyweight is about right), that you still have some carbs pre/post-workout, and consume lots of healthy fats to fill up the rest of your caloric needs. Hopefully it all works out for you and you end up scoring mad Brazilian hotties…otherwise you’re not allowed to cut again until 285lbs!

hahaha Thanks for the input man.

I am 5’9. So I am not exactly tall’ish. I am 17 and I look way bigger than most people my age. My arms have always been abnormally for my size (even though I don’t do any direct arm work), and so have been my calves.
It is probably due to a long history of Rugby and tennis playing.

I actually set out to do a clean bulk for a year but then the plans of coming to Brazil popped up and I decided I wanted to get ripped in order to emphasize some of the abs and muscles I have never been able to see due to stubborn flab.

I plan on getting to 190 before the summer of 2010 and then I will do some intense cutting in those two months right before college, just to get a headstart on the ladies. After I settle my rep I can get to bulking up to 210-215 hahaha.

I ve recetnly switched to total body workouts because I enjoy my workouts more, I feel like I spend more energy, and I see results coming faster.

So you’re 165 lbs and want to cut to 150 (that’s minus the 9% body fat you want to lose), and then bulk to 190. I think it would just be better to not even bother cutting if you want to go up to 190 and eventually 215. Realistically, you’ll never put on 50-70 lbs of pure muscle in a year unless your using gear hardcore. I just suggest you continue to bulk relatively clean to the weight you want, such as 190 lbs, then consider cutting.

do you really think being a ripped 5’9 150 lber is anything to be shooting for?

Yeah man, if you ultimately want to end up somewhere around 210-215lbs then cutting now is only going to slow you down. Ladies appreciate more than just abs, some of them even like guys who are funny, or charming, or intelligent, or who have money! Ha ha, I understand your desire to cut down, as I too once made a thread like this, back when I was around 200lbs, but trust me, you’ll get a lot more attention looking big when you’re dressed than looking skinny and ripped with your shirt off.

You are wasting your time, plus wasting whatever muscle you gained over the last four months. To cut now is just bizarre.

Why don’t you get a Brazillian wax job before you go and draw in a six pack with a sharpie. You will look loads better like that than at 5’9" and a buck fifty. At that size a thong suit will cover your ass completely.

haha sounds good.
I will try an dpost some pictures tonight just to give a better idea.
But anyway thanks for the input.

I think I will tarket this differently then. I Will bulk until november 15. Carb cycle until december. And then do a two weeks mini cut just for the sake of it (no more than 500 cals deficit).
Sounds like a better way to go?

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
do you really think being a ripped 5’9 150 lber is anything to be shooting for?[/quote]
Yeh the calculations didn’t make much sense.
150 is tiny.

I will try to bulk up to 180 and then maybe cut to 170 or 165 if I chose to.
But I think most of my mass gaining will take place in college. Now I have way too much work in highschool (I do International school from 8 am to 4 pm and then Brazilian school from 5 pm to 9 pm.)

Just out of curiosity, how tall are you guys?

Oh and another thing:
I am sick and i was told to stay home and rest for a week. So i can’t train.
SHould I still eat a 500 calorie surplus or would that all go into fat since I wont be training?

Since you asked, I’m just short of 6’, and weigh between 205lbs and 210lbs most days. I’m probably going to bulk up to somewhere around 240lbs (don’t tell my mom) and then cut back until I’m at around 7-9% bodyfat. I started off at a very tiny 150ish lbs after having under-eaten over a 4 month period of training for a half-Ironman, which I decided not to do because I was getting so small (and didn’t think to simply eat more) and started pursuing weight training/bodybuilding instead.

Not sure about the answer to your question about being sick. I think it would depend on what you have really–the “feed a fever, starve a cold” saying comes to mind. Cutting back just a little is probably safe though, because you’re not going to be using up as much energy and therefore will not need as many calories.

I am 5’10" and 190lbs. I still feel tiny.

I will bulk til at least 210lbs before I cut down, and then land somewhere in the 180-190lbs area. Really anything much lower than 180lbs relatively lean is going to look tiny on someone who is our height. Who cares about a sixpack if you don’t even look like you lift when wearing a medium/large t-shirt? I don’t know about you, but for the majority of the year I am wearing clothes.

Yeh I know what you mean.
I just want to get an idea of how someone around my height looks anywhere from 200-210 and quite cut.

Know anywhere I could find pics?

[quote]Aprentice wrote:
cool cool.
I don’t want to reach bodybuilder big.
I want to improve my physique drastically so that people say: damn that guys is big… but he isn’t monstrously big.
I think 200-210 pounds is a good weight for me to aim for.

Nigel, do you have any pictures of you at 210 while cut? I would like to see how that looks.[/quote]

I wish I had pictures of me at 210 cut: that would be sick! Ha ha, unfortunately I’m 210lbs at around 12-15% bodyfat. I plan on continuing to gain weight until May, and then cutting down. Hopefully you’ll still be around at that point, and then you’ll be able to check out the pics I post up of myself at a lean 210-215!

If you want to get an idea of what a lean 180-190 lbs at 5’9 looks like, see if you can find any pictures of welterweight UFC guys a few weeks out from their fight. Guys like Thiago Alves, Matt Hughes, and Josh Koscheck all weigh-in at 170 lbs, but I’m sure that during their pre-fight training they’re probably more like 190 lbs, if not heavier.

Alright thanks man.

Keep me posted on your progress.

I will hit you up when I am BIGGGGG.

good luck on your bulk