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First Cutting Diet/Carb Cycling

hey guys i am going to start off by having my main questions to you at the top, and then after that i will write a few paragraphs of information about myself. This is just so in case you want to answer my question put not read all the stuff i’m going to write

what is the best way to carb cyle for fat loss? (only want to lose about 7 pounds or so just to look better and help with gymnastic training)

could a protein shake and some nuts be good for a fat meal? (my mates dad said avoid protein shakes because of dairy)

hey so first off i’ve have been training for about 5 months or so after having an injury so i had a year off training.
i want to lose some body fat, i am thinking of using carb cycling, i have read various articles but i am still confused on which way is best. on this website ( http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/researchapproved_carb_cycling ) there is a few different articles.

but my mates day is a bodybuilder and this is the advice he gave to me "

“Eat Chicken,turkey,white and oily fish and have Salads and or veg with each meal… regarding Carbs. High day-175g of carbs per day. medium day-150 of carbs per day. low day 100 of carbs per day. . all carbs come from white rice or sweet potato. 5 ml of oil with 5 meals. Water every meal and between meals… have One zero carb day every 4 days. And one load day evey 10.”

could i just use this for my carb cycling diet? or is not enough attentions paid to the fats?

i will post two pictures of my physique so you can see on what i have to work on

heres one of the back