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First Cutting Cycle


Hey Guys,

First post.

I have done two cycles of sust/EQ both dosed at 600mg/wk both times for putting on weight/size.

Background: Most of my life I have been obese was 350+ for years, Started losing weight and lost 180lbs back when I was 22, now 26 and have been maintaining right around 200lb for those 4 years with a body fat % in the mid-high teens. I did my two ever cycles between about 2 years ago and gained 30lbs with same body fat % from them and kept about 20.

I am now looking to do a cutting/recomp cycle for the first time with the goal to end up around 195lb but leaner and dryer.

I am looking at a cycle of:
500mg/wk test e wk 1-16
50mg/eod tren ace wk 3-5 then bump to 75mg/eod until week 12
100mg/eod mast prop 3-12

This is just a rough sketch and I am open to suggestions I also have anastrozole dossing at .5mg eod
and have tamoxifen and anastrozole for PCT.


looks good. No hCG?

Congratulations on the awesome weight loss!


I did HCG in my last PCT. I may use it again, but I didn’t notice much difference in recovery with or without it other than it reversed some of the Testicular atrophy. Do you think its worth it, I can get it pretty easy. Also what would you dose the HCG at maybe that is why I did not notice anything last time.


I’ve always used it twice or thrice weekly. If you stop your balls from ever shrinking then you’ll recover faster.

There’s been talk on this forum lately that you should use it eod during your cycle. I’m going to try that next time.


I may give that a try! what dose would you do you think if done EOD on cycle? If you have a link to the forum I would like to read it.