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First Cutting Cycle

Im 24 years old 6’1 225 17% body fat Ive been training since i was in 16 in high school.

ive ran two test tren cycles before. Ive done clomid and nolva for PCT.
My diet is pretty good i intake over 400grams of protein per day. Ive experimented with the paleo diet before not a big fan.
Spring is coming up and i want to cut down some body fat while gaining some lean mass.
i was thinking about doing a 10 week cutting cycle:

Tren Ace 75mg EOD week 1-8
Test Prop 100mg EOD week 1-10
Clen 130mcgs 2 weeks in 2 weeks off during the whole cycle

I need some advice on my cycle. This my first cutting cycle and Im a new to Clen
what kind of gains should i expect? will i loose any of my muscularity?