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First Cutting Cycle: Test/Tren/Win?

Hey fellas

I’ve booked to go on a “singles” cruise in January and I would like to make my physique “pop” a little bit more. I haven’t really done a cut before but I have done a couple of cycles of test, dbol and tren and I’m pleased with the results.

A little bit of background I’m between 83-85kg and 5ft 10” with about 11% body fat eating roughly 3900kcal a day and train 4-5days a week.

I’ve been thinking of stacking test, tren and win this time around starting end of October for 12 weeks. Could you advise me of your opinions and tell me if I need to adjust anything. Will also be doing more cardio a couple of weeks before I leave for Miami.

Tren-a at 300mg a week
Test-p at 600mg a week
Win at 20mg every day for the last 6 weeks

Also what kind of PCT or anti-e protocol should I look at? I’ve been cruising on 150mg of test-400 a week after my last cruise.

Looking forward to your constructive tips and adjustments!

I would do less test a bit, as you are pretty small(as a general amount of meat and weight, not muscle-wise) and probably dont need that much to grow, especially with added tren. I would do like 400 test and 200 tren if i were you. I am around 260lbs now and i would blast like 500 test and 300 tren, if i decided to.
Everything else looks good, you also look like you can do this cycle and will benefit from it. Good luck and keep us posted.

i dont understand… either you cruise or you pct… why you want a pct after a cruise?

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I think that’s overkill on the test just to tighten up a bit. Maybe split it up and do a bit of a bulk then 6 weeks of a cut? IDK how much weight you want to lose or how quickly, but if you wanted to drop a lbs a week and slow cut I’d do like lower dose test, moderate Tren, then add the Winny last 4-6 weeks. Or, you could do your cycle as planned for 6 weeks and try to put on a little more size then do a really steep cut for 6 weeks with a lower test dose. Were me I’d do the slower 12 week cut and lower the test dose for the duration

I would think the first thing to do is clean up your diet starting now. You body will adapt to the change and be stabilized by the time you start the AAS’s.
If you manager to lose a couple pounds (but not too much) by October 31st, you will be set to add muscle and continue to lose some more fat.

Test your strength weekly. You should be getting a little stronger throughout November and December. This is not a show to peak for, so don’t attempt to get shredded. You will lose some muscle attempting that. You might add some Clenbuterol a couple weeks out from the cruise.

If you are losing strength you are not eating enough calories. You need to attempt not losing any strength.