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First Cutting Cycle - Please Advise

Tren, Primo, Winstrol, and Arimidex (every other day).

How much should I expect to gain eating slightly above maintenance for 4 weeks? I am 5 11, 180, 4.5%. Coach won’t give me exact amount to take until tomorrow. I am just trying to see if I will see any noticeable gains, or whether this is just to “fill me out” like he says.

I am starting next week, I can run a log if people want.

None of those three drugs aromatize, which means your estrogen levels will plummet during the cycle (not a good thing). On top of that, you will be taking an anti-aromatase, which is pretty much pointless given that there will be no substrate in your body to make estrogen.

LO FUCKING L where do these guys come from.

But testosterone will show an increase on this cycle correct? Which in effect will increase estrogen?

No. Your testosterone levels will drop on this cycle because the drugs (none of which is testosterone or a drug capable of becoming estrogen) will “tell” your body to stop producing testosterone (which can convert to estrogen). So both T and E will drop.

I strongly recommend you research some more before you start putting these drugs into your body.

Gotcha. Well I will be running low doses of them all, and maybe not at the same time. My coach tells me today.

And maybe the test has not came in yet, I just listed what has already came in.