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First Cutting Cycle Maybe Cyp/Var?


Hi I’m 19, 5’6. I ran 3 bulking cycles, 2 with sus 250 alone then my 3rd I stacked dbol with sus. When I started I didn’t really know what I was doing so Between my first and second cycle there was a 1 month break no pct, my 2nd cycle I ran correctly with a pct , nolva and clomid, then took 4 months off. Before I started juicing I weighed 155, my arms were about 15 1/2 inches, now I weigh 195 and there 18 inches. I got a stomach from the 3 cycles tho lol so I wanted to get rid of the extra body fat and get ripped. So I need some help putting together a good cutting cycle, I was aiming for cyp and var I heard good things about. I just don’t know what dosages for each I would take given it’s not my first cycle. Please help me out dudes🙏🏼