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First Cutting Cycle, Help


I've done a mild bulk cycle awhile back of just test e, but never done a cutting cycle.

I'm pretty lean right now can see abs fairly well flexing, but want to get into the really low bodyfat levels. Currently doing keto type diet, moderate cardio, heavy lifting.

I want to run something like clen, t3, and a mild anabolic like anavar, winny or something-rather avoid injectable just for simplicity and will be a short cycle.

I've heard something like this could be good also for a cutting cycle also without clen or t3.
Weeks 1-10: Test Prop @ 50mg ED
Weeks 1-10: Tren @ 50mg ED
Weeks 5-10: Winny @ 50mg ED
Week 9: Start HCG therapy here
Week 11: Start the remainder of Post-Cycle therapy here.

but I already have some clen on me, and cheap access to t3 and could get a mild anabolic like winny or var also for a short cycle. Any suggestions for a newbie cutting cycle with clen and t3?