First Cutting Cycle for 19 Year Old Beginner?

I’m 19,
6’1 ,
17% body fat,
and want to take clen can someone suggest me with a proper cycle with a proper dosage…
I’m thinking to take an only clen 6 week on 2 week off cycle … I’m doing regular workout from around 1.5 years and and was able to reduce from 211.644 lbs to 165.347 lbs naturally in last 1 year but actually lost lot of muscle mass, didn’t got the physique I’m looking for …
I gained 18 lbs in last 6 month currently 182.98 and wanna take it to 174 lbs & 11-12% body fat…
and tell me how much time it’ll take currently on a diet with 1800 calories and 130 gm protein (I’ll increase it to 180-200)
and is only clen cycle okay and will it show me drastic change with a proper diet??



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Dude no, clen is shit. And you’re just 19. You can cut down fat naturally. With proper diet, training, you should be able to achieve pretty good physique. If I were you, I’d never jump onto any cycle.

Post a thread in Nutrition forum to get guidance on your diet. Learn to adjust your macros accordingly. Train naturally for at least 5 years. You will see amazing results for sure.

Your yo-yoing. You went from fat to skinny built some muscle now you want to drastically decrease weight again. This is not a good idea.

Just focus on maintance calories and lifting hard the fat will come off. 1.5 years isn’t shit bro if done properly your looking at a 4+ year journey to get to where you want to be.

If you insist on a fat burner get a over the counter thermogenic and go that route.

I’m not sure I would call using clenbuterol a “cycle”. It has some anabolic properties, but no hormones.

If you are looking for something to assist with fat loss maybe start with an ephedrine/caffeine stack. You can get both from Walmart without a script or any funny business.

Typically clen is run starting with 20mcg a day and then ramping up the dose every couple days until your reach 120mcg. After that you quickly get used to the drug and need to abstain a few weeks before restarting at the low dose and working up again.

It’s list risky than AAS unless you have a heart condition. It’s a no no otherwise.

I’ve consulted some guys into these things from a long time they said clen is better undoubtedly and shows better and faster results(in 2 weeks with proper training) plus it’s more safer with a proper cycle…

Can you please be more clear like how many week cycle is best for beginners and variation of dosage with days or weeks…?

Here’s a good one:
0mg clenbuterol
Proper Diet
Proper Training

You have no business taking anything at your age and at your level. It’s shameful that you have such easier access to these supplements and not proper training. Anyway, this website is full of free resources to get you where you need to be, which is completely naturally attainable.


How much cardio are you doing at the moment?

:neutral_face: how about we gain weight and train effectively before we consider using the anabolic supplements that are going to do absolute jack shit for us unless we learn how to gain weight and train effectively?

If you decide to go through with this, odds are you’ll probably turn into one of the guys shopping at Victoria’s Secret, hopping around like a fucking ballerina, and having random crying outbursts because you forgot to take PCTs after your first few cycles of actual steroids and your estrogen is through the roof. Don’t be an asshole, dude. You could get stronger and look better faster by spending the money you’d use on supplements on extra steaks and rice. Give the process time.

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Sorry, I don’t put cycles together for others. That would be an inherent liability. Nobody answered your question so I figured I would at least give you the proper info on what is ‘typically’ done.

clenbuterol isn’t safe, where’d you get that tidbit of information from. The acute cardiovascular effects of a clenbuterol overdose can be life threatening, Long term the cardiovascular effects of clenbuterol involving heart enlargement are probably similar to, if not worse than traditional anabolic steroids.

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30 min session before weight lifting and swimming 2-3 days a week (an hour around)

If all you need to do is lose 8 pounds then I would seriously consider doing 45 minutes /day of LISS cardio instead of Clen, c’mon man.