First Cut

Hey all, this is my first time trying to lose weight so I was hoping to run a few things by you guys.
Usually I train 4 times a week with low volume that looks something like this

Good morning
Ab cable crunch
Kettlebell side bend

Bench press
One arm dumbbell row/Barbell row (alternate)
standing Ab cable crunch
Kettlebell side bend

Wed Off

Repeat of monday

Lat pulldown
standing Ab Cable Crunch
Kettlebell side bend

Every 3rd week I will swap Squats for deadlifts.

Usually I warm up with sets of 5 and 2(nearing work weights) and work to a heavy triple/set of 5 depending on how confident and in control of the weight I am for all the main exercises of the day, except for overhead press which I do for 3 sets of 5.

I currently lift

Squat: 145Kg for 3
Bench: 82.5 kg for 3
Deadlift: 145kg for 3
OHP: 67.5kg for 3

at around a bodyweight of 81Kgs. I’ve been lifting for about 3 years but wasn’t consistent for 3/4’s of that. I plan to lose 5-7kgs, and would like to lose it fast (not V-diet fast but in less than 3 months).

I have no idea what my bodyfat is but I don’t think I’m anywhere close to obese, I would say that I’m about my weight loss goal or slightly more (1-3kgs) away from visible abs.

I will eat slightly less and clean up my diet.
Protein with each meal, up the veggies and fruit. swap my after workout drink from full fat milk to water and protein shake. Have a decent amount of carbs only in the morning and post workout(I usually just have 3 eggs and toast for breakfast…not much change there probably). high protein, moderate fat and low carb. Does that sound good diet wise?

Could I lose weight while still getting stronger with my current strength levels? If so how long do you estimate that would take. I understand this varies greatly from individual to individual, I’m just trying to get a measuring stick as to how weight loss works as I’ve never really “tried” to lose weight.I would prefer maintaining my strength levels and losing weight fast rather than becoming stronger and losing weight.

I was thinking of upping the reps and sets so the main exercises would be 8x3 so I could get more work done and hone my lifting technique.I would start light while following some sort of linear progression to get better at reps. I thought this would be a good idea because constantly setting 3 rep PR’s doesn’t sound like a good idea when eating under maintenance calories.I am also doing 3k walks which feel like work without being draining (I’ve been doing them for about a week and have walked them in the past quite often).Is this a good idea?

Any advice is appreciated. Sorry if there are any grammar/spelling mistakes I posted this at 4am…hoping I could wake up to some responses.

I think you’ve got a great idea on what to do with the diet, it really doesn’t have to be as complicated as some people make it.

For training, I would just keep it the same. You can definitely get stronger while losing weight, especially since you aren’t trying to lose a lot of weight. Just expect progress to slow down a bit.

Do you do anything for conditioning? If you don’t, I’d suggest throwing in some 2-3 times a week. You don’t have to kill yourself, but go make yourself breath heavy for a while.

I usually do some jump rope, burpees and the occasional hill sprint. Ill try and throw those in more.