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First Cut Please Critique

So after bulking and gaining 10 lbs. I want to cut down on my body fat before summer starts. I will be starting April 1st and im about to make my order. Here is what im going to be buying:

2 Metabolic Drive
1 Surge
1 Superfood

The only carbs i am going to consume are from Surge, Veggies and Nuts. I am 5’10" 183 lbs. Im going to be doing a 3 Solid Meal / 3 Shake meal a day plan. Should i get BCAA’s or BETA-7 or any other sup’s to help with my fat loss but keep the muscle i have gained? Also does anyone have a link to a good workout plan to do while on a cut? Thanks for any and all help.

Read the Velocity Diet.

HOT-ROX should aid keeping the muscle you gained.

You gained 10 pounds and so you need to cut? Seriously?

With all seriousness…seriously?

Try adding a couple of sessions of HIIT or tabatha to your week and see if that does not help.

I was thinking the same thing. 10lb “bulk”? Get real. Clean up the diet add HIIT and lift more.