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First Cut Ever


Hey , i've been lifting for 3 years now, with 2 big breaks ( one 3 month, one 6 month )- dont worry, i regret it -

All i've been doing so far is resistance training, Building strength, packing on mass.

I'm happy with my lifts , my bulk ... But now it's time to cut
Before i started lifting ... 5"7 - 170 lbs
... 5"7 - 205 lbs

I'm 18 years old, and started college . The biggest thing right now, is i don't really have a choice of my supper time meal because im bording where supper time meals are provided Until next month when i get my APPT.

bench - 295
Max DB curl - 65
Shoulder press - 195
Dead - 405
Squat - Unsure

i'd like to loose my gut that i've gathered over the past 3 years, and get a little more ripped as opposed to being just big blobs of mass .

I'm considering Going in the gym In the AM before college for cardio, then doing my lifting at night.

Is this too much ? Will i lose my muscle ?

How many calories should i be burning in a GOOD cardio workout ?

Can i still do my regular heavy lifting during the nights, or should i drop weight and increase reps ?

Looking for a good foundation of somewheres to start...

Thanks in advance


why cut?

Clean up your diet as much as you can (with the provided meal), and add some cardio a few days a week. You should notice a change in body comp--no muslce loss required, but it'll be slower than full fledged cutting.

BUT to answer some of your questions:
It will probably be too much. try it out and make the call. I did cardio in the mornings at 6:30am for a while last semester. I decided I like sleep--oh...and hate running or anything like that.

Forget about how many calories your burning. How can you figure it out? Those little gauages on the machines are just crapshoots anyway. Look in the mirror. Step on the scale. Do you look better? do you weigh less? 90% of what you look like it made in the kitchen, NOT in the gym.

Lift heavy--your body needs a reason to keep those big muscles.

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