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First Cut Cycle

Hey Guys
I am 20 year old male,6’2, 175 pounds weight and i want some advice for my cut cycle. Most of you will pass comments on my age so i should tell you the reason i want to try a cut cycle.
I am secondary hypogonadic with test levels about 300 ng/dl and low shbg about 23. The only problem i have is i can’t gain much and no matter what i do i can’t lose the belly fat. Tried cutting alot of times . Been working out for about 4 years. i tried TRT for about 6 months with a little change in mood and nothing else. No change in physique or anything though i have been working out constantly in that period with 2300 calories, a deficit of about 400 calories. I have low test but i dont have all of its symptoms like low libido etc The only problem is i cant make good gains or lose this stubborn belly fat. I have tried all sorts of trainers and cutting diets. I am also in an area where no one knows about trt so… i just want to lose some body fat and see if my body can mantain it after cycle. I know it sounds stupid but i’ll have some advice from you guys. About the side effects, well i am already hypogonadic so it wont matter maybe?
Here is what i am thinking
Week 1-12: 500mg test enanthate and 20mg nolva daily
Week 13-17: 40 mg nolva daily

I feel for you. I think you should be on TRT and give it some time if you have secondary hypo. That doesn’t go away, it needs addressed. Your cycle is fine. You can taper the nolva down to 20mg ED for the last two weeks of PCT. The test will help you maintain muscle while cutting but cutting is more about diet and training then the drugs.

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You don’t need a cut your skinny fat what you need is a very clean bulk. Possibly run the cycle longer and stay in a slight caloric surplus with a extremely clean diet. The fat will come off and you will buold muscle the key component to keeping the fat off and burning more fat once cycle is over.

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should i use test only or can i use tren for my first cycle? i have read its better and good for ones suffering from male pattern baldness, which i am.

i didn’t notice much benefits from trt actually. I have low shbg which might explain i have fair amount of free testosterone than high shbg hypogonadism so that might be the reason i dont suffer from many of its symptoms other than physique part.
I’ll see if i can maintain muscle after the cycle otherwise i’ll go for a good doctor maybe in Canada or USA for a better trt presciption

No no just stick with test. Use whatever your heart desires for round 2,3,4,5 but for the first one it’s important to see how you react to large levels of testosterone.

6 months isn’t long enough to gauge whether trt was a success I would suggest starting back up.

Part of me suggest starting trt again then blasting in a few months but you can probably just resume trt after tour blast if you want to do it now.

The reason I suggest a longer cycle then 12 weeks is due to your goals. And the fact your natural levels are already shit it’s not like you have much to recover to even if you don’t get on trt after. Maybe somewhere along 16-20 weeks. If your diet and training are on point and your in a slight caloric surplus eating clean you will build a lot of muscle and lose fat with where your current stats stand

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