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First Cut Cycle

Hellos all, thinking about starting my first cut cycle here in a month or so after doing some more research but figured I would see if I can get some of y’alls input. Looking for something to help shred the last small layer off.

Height: 6’3
Weight: 212lbs
Bf%: 12.5%
Workout: 3-5 times a week with cardio 4x
Good grasp on diet

I would say keep packing on muscle honestly. What cycles/compounds/stacks have you run to date? I was 6’3", 235, 11.2%BF, and had a few cycles down when I ran my cut… it was simple 8week short esthers… tren a, test prop, masteron prop, all at 50mg/day, winstrol oral at 50 mg/day. I cut caloric intake and I dropped to 220 at 9.2%BF, but I definitely lost some strength with that weight. I then ran a 2week clen and came down to 212, and cut up good. I’m back to bulk now though… my fav time of year:)

I really hope you are not a teenager or something considering i’m giving AAS advice. I do not recommend someone who has been lifting less than a few years (preferably longer) to use AAS either.

I would definitely do a cut at those stats! You should try and NEVER go above 10-11% bf on AAS in my opinion! This is because you will get MUCH better results bulking under that bodyfat, I think ideally one would cut to 8-9% then bulk to 10-11% and repeat.

If this is your first cycle or you are relatively new to cycles, its important to keep the dosages low so you can progress in the future!

I would recommend something like 350mg Test Prop and 350-525mg Masteron Prop for 8-10 weeks. You could also add perhaps t3, and low dose proviron (25mg/day) would also be a good addition, its a mild anti estrogen and also a hardener and will enhance the test, all the same things can be said about masteron also, they are very similar. I believe test and mast is THE ideal cutting cycle for a beginner, with test and EQ being the ideal bulking cycle for a beginner. These are my opinions, not facts.

With the cycle I have laid out you SHOULD NOT need an AI, but everyone is different, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have nolva on hand but again, you SHOULD be fine.

If you wanna add t3, I would start at 37.5mcg, increase by 12.5mg per week until desired dose (I wouldn’t pass 75mcg, maybe even stay at 62.5mcg), then stay on your peak dose for 4-6 weeks then taper down by 12.5mcg a week to stop.
Lots of people have weird and poorly structured t3 protocols that can end up hurting your thyroid in the longrun, so I would stick to what I laid out if you want to use t3.

Right now, I am cutting on ONLY 150mg test E per week and an ephedrine/caffeine stack. I’m having great results, the reason I’m using such low dosages is I feel AAS is much better used under 11% bf and I started this at 13-14%, so i’m waiting till after my cut to up the dosages. I may add in t3 when I hit 10% ish if I stall out, my goal is 8% bf. You can check out my log if you want!