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First Cut Cycle: Prop, Tren, Winny, Clen


Im running my first cut cycle in about a month or two. I finished my pct for my bulking 1.5 months ago and ive kept about 17 pounds.
250 lbs
about 17% bf

Test Prop 100mg eod
Tren Ace 70mg eod
winny (oral) 50mg/day weeks 3-8
Hcg 400iu every 4th day
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 60 60 80 80 80 100 100
2 100 80 80 80 60 60 60
3 (off) (off) (off) (off) (off) (off) (off)
4 (off) (off) (off) (off) (off) (off) (off)
5 60 60 80 80 80 100 100
6 100 80 80 80 60 60 60
7 (off) (off) (off) (off) (off) (off) (off)
8 (off) (off) (off) (off) (off) (off) (off)
9 60 60 80 80 80 100 100
10 100 80 80 80 60 60 60

Im thinking of putting in T3 (cytomel) at just 25mcg day to complement the anabolics. Ive got clomid and nolv for pct 3 days after last inj and last for 3 weeks.

my thoughts on this is the hcg will keep my boys producing and lesson recovery. the clen should bring down the cortisol levels during pct to mitigate muscle loss.

I'm looking to slim down with this to about 10%bf and maintain my mass now.
since i have moved my diet has gotten much better so ill be eating very lean and taking in mass protein along with cardio 4x a week.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


tren ace eod what the fuck?
3 week pct what the fuck?
clen during pct what the fuck?

what does 250 at 6'5 with 17% bodyfat look like? i cant imagine it being too impressive...id stick with just the anabolics..pin every day and ditch the clen and t3 + run a sufficient pct.


Now, while I agree that ED is warranted, and that the t3 is unnecessary, I very much like beta 2 andregenic agonists, though my preference is albuterol. Especially PCT, I have found that these ease the transition nicely. I, personally, would keep the clenbuterol (or substitute it for albuterol).

2 weeks may also not be fully sufficient off time for clen, but this seems to vary.


come on man. there is no room on this forum for ignorance. it looks like you need to do some reasearch yourself walkway.
Yea tren ace eod. the active life on tren ace is 2-3 days (the same as test prop). therefore eod inj are acceptable to keep levels stable. obviously ed is better but eod will work too.
whats wrong with the pct? its a standard pct ran by most.

obviously you really havent done your research. clen acts as a cortisol blocker therefore when your cortisol levels peak during pct it helps keep them down in order to lessen the catabolic effects.

your opinion is obviously trash mr walkway. but thanks or the bump!


Don't bother with t3 or clen. Just use eca.

Use the t3 when your about 10% bf, because you don't need it.
Also, your body makes about 25mcg ed, therefore that is just a replacement dose. I really only see the benefit in that dosage if you are extremely dieting and your body is starting to shut down it's own production.

I would also extend your pct by a week.

Also, if I read this correctly, 7 weeks is too short to drop 7% in bf. Extend your cycle to give you more time.


haha alright, at 250 6'5 with 17% body fat you obviously don't know shit about diet or weight lifting..maybe you should get that squared away before you hop on the pin. (if this isn't your first cycle then you really don't know shit)

tren ace should be shot every day because it keeps the blood levels most stable and helps to control some sides....are you saying that the acetate ester and the propionate ester are the same thing?

3 weeks pct is generally not standard..a guy I know ran a three week pct after a tren cycle and blood tests showed that his total test was 95..

I will admit that I'm not too savy about using clen for the purpose of controlling cortisol...but I would think that using a serious weight loss supplement during a period where you are trying to keep gains would be counterproductive..

there was absolutely nothing wrong with the advice I gave you, and the fact that you shot it so quickly is a clear indication that YOU need to do your research

just because things CAN work a certain way or are SUPPOSED to....doesn't mean they do..you will realize this more and more the longer you stay in the game

Why are you content to settle with "acceptable" when you should be shooting for what is optimal?...this is your body we are talking about..


from what ive read the tren reduces your natural thyroid production so i would use the t3 to counter that.

anyone else have an opinion on tren EOD? the half life is the same as prop so i assumed eod would be ok. obviously ED is better for levels but shouldnt EOD be good to? without much loss of effect?

im not here claiming to know everything, but i do go on research and others experience. im looking for some constructive advise because i am a novice. if you have thoughts on a better PCT, please post them!


Tren ace everyday by far. I'd like to see this info on tren shutting down your natural thyroid production, as I've never heard of this.