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First Cut: Cut to Body Fat or Weight Goal

I’m on my first cut. I’m attempting to preserve as much lean body mass as possible by following Strong Lifts and eating at a small deficit with the goal of losing an average 1-2 pounds per week. So far I’ve dropped 30lbs, however I’m also losing muscle too.

My question is on my first cut, do I cut to a body fat %, or total weight goal? I’m currently sitting at about 25% body fat and my ultimate goal is to get down to 10-15%. However, I currently weigh 200lbs with a weight goal of 180…this is down from 230 that I was back in January. I believe I’ll hit my weight goal before my body fat goal. For me to hit my body fat goal I think I’ll have to lose many more pounds. Do I keep going? Do I stop once I hit my body weight then try to bulk, and then cut again?

Thanks for the help.

Isn’t this another thread on exactly the same subject you’ve put up?

What if you get to 180lb and ‘11%’ and are still a fat slob? Stop worrying about numbers and cut until you look good. Only you can tell when you look good.

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This question is unrelated. This question is not specific to me, just using my situation as an example.

When cutting do you cut to a body fat goal or a weight goal? If you hit the weight goal first due to losing both fat and muscle do you stop? Do you keep going until the body fat goal is met?

Seems like someone could cut only so many calories before calories get to low and muscle loss is accelerated. In my case, and I assume others, the body fat goal may not be met by that point. I assume at that point you bulk then cut again after putting on some muscle right?

At some point would calorie need become the limiting factor in how far one can cut?

Yes, of course. Preferably before you hit that point you would have gradually introduced more metabolically taxing activities through cardio, more volume lifting or making existing activities more intense etc.

I’m not sure what this is all about tbh, it’s pretty basic stuff.

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I’d say to aim for the look you want rather than the numbers, personally. Take a starting photo and take another each week and try and track the progress that way as well as weighing etc.

x2. Actually follow the advice you’ve already been given.
Also get off stronglifts now, especially with all those back issues/surgery you mentioned in other thread. Fatloss templates off this site are far superior for your goals

And yeah make waist measurement/bodyfat level your main guide

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