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First contest

I am going to enter my first contest in september i know it is a long time away but i think i should start getting a few things together and i need everyones help. first off im 22 and weigh 195 lbs with about 12-14% bodyfat maybe a little lower must around my obliques. everything else is gym hard with some definition my measures are chest 45 arms 17 cold waist 33.5 thighs 24 cold calves 15.5 cold. are there any tips you guys could give me im natural too. i only included the stats because i read a message before and it said to post stats.what weight should i come in at i thought about 185lbs.

Well first let’s do a little figuring. You said you’re between 12-14 %, let’s use the high end just to be safe. If you’re 195 @ 14% you have 27 lbs. fat and 168 lean mass. You’re probably going to need to be under 6 % to be competitive, so assuming no muscle loss (unlikely especially if this is your first time), you would have to lose 17 lbs. of fat. Now you have more than enough time to lose this by September. At 12-14 % if you know what diet works for you and w. proper supplementation such as an EC formula, you could probably do this within 12-14 weeks give or take. Don’t worry so much about what weight you’re at, just make sure whatever route you go you give yourself enough time to get down to a sub 6 % level. You’ll get different opinions on this but maybe if you’re at 14 % diet down to 9-10, bulk for a couple of weeks to reset metabolism, and keep doing this or something similar. Whatever you do, don’t let yourself get much higher than 10-12 % when you get three months before showtime. Best of luck!

give the people at beverly international a call. i use them. they take all guess work out of it. they recommend you use their supplements, but that is up to you. i actually got stronger while dieting last time. cp recommends their stuff/

My advice to you is to find a couple of diets that work well for you and alternate them. This is what works best for me, but I do realize that it differs for everyone. Generally, I find that for a couple weeks or so a specific diet is great, then results taper off. So by alternating in another diet when results slow, it keeps the body from adjusting. Also, the delta 1250 diet is very good for getting into very low bf%'s. Good luck man, keep us posted.

In the latest MuscleMag (March 2001) is an article entitled “Entering Your First Bodybuilding Contest.” It covers a lot of notable aspects other than dieting.