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First Contest

So since this is the bodybuilding forum I thought I’d log part of my contest prep here.

I am going to be competing in the Yorton Cup, an OCB Bodybuilding event on October 29th, and I will be working with Layne Norton for my contest prep.

A brief history, I am 21 years old, will be a senior in college this fall, and first started lifting for football and baseball when I was 14. Through high school, I lifted for sports performance, as I was set on playing college football, but a pretty serious knee injury that required three surgeries ended that. I was essentially not able to work my legs intensely from February 2008 through the summer of 2009 due to the surgeries and recovery. My sophomore year, I competed in a strongman competition and didn’t do badly, but I decided to set my sights on bodybuilding for good after this. I contemplated waiting longer to do my first contest, but I figured that If I came very dialed in to this one, I’d have a pretty good chance at doing well and doing it will also give me a good idea of what I need to do to improve.

I am starting this prep at 217 pounds, and I took the following measurements today: Waist: 33.75 inches, Arms: 17.5 inches, Legs: 27.5 inches, Chest (relaxed): 48 inches, Shoulders: 55 inches, Calves: 16.5 inches.

Right now, our goal is slow weight loss, as we are very far out from the show.

If you want to follow my training, here is my log: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_log/evans_training?pageNo=40#4562923

If anyone has any questions, comments, or suggestions, here is the place to put them.

I will be taking formal progress pictures this weekend, but I will post a few now just for reference.

Good stuff Evan. You’re def one of my favorite T posters. You’re already damn lean, 20 weeks is going to be PLENTY.

Congratulations on your decision to step on stage. You won’t regret it. I look forward to following your progress. You look like you are ready to kick some ass and with Norton in your corner, you are sure to do that.

This is great news. Well done Ev. VERY happy you’re doing this buddy.

Good luck. I look forward to following this thread. Why’d you choose the Yorton cup to be your first show? Isn’t it a pretty big show although I’m sure you’ll do good anyway. Also, where in NY do you train?

@ Hiss: thanks man! Appreciate the support.

@ david: Thanks! I’m very excited to see what I can do with Layne’s guidance.

@ Xander: Thanks for your support, I’m happy I’m going through with this.

@ Thoughts: thanks! I chose the Yorton cup because it’s one of the bigger OCB contests and I really want to see how I can do against some of the better amateur competitors. Obviously, I want to do as well as I can, but ultimately it will be a great opportunity to learn and evolve. I train primarily in Yonkers at Powerhouse Gym. Where do you train?

Williamsburg, Brooklyn…A smaller gym called Absolute Power

Looking forward to following this for sure. I’m contemplating doing a show next may but I don’t know if I got the balls to step on stage yet haha. It’s a long ways away so I have time to think. Good Luck man! I’m sure you’ll do good. And the experience will most likely be very valuable.

Very Very cool! You’re definitely starting from a great ‘place’ condition and size wise. Yes the Yorton Cup is they OCB’s biggest show, but you really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. If you do worse than you expected, it’s your first show ever so it’s a learning experience. If you do amazing, it’s a huge motivation to improve, and also a learning experience. Looking forward to following along.


That’s great E - good luck with the prep! : )

Looking forward to follow this, dude.
Good luck, have fun.

Best of luck with the prep man. I’ll be following along, this should be very interesting.

@ Thoughts: Sick bro, we should try and get a training session in at some point this summer.

@ Johnman: Good to hear that you’re looking to compete too!! Thanks for the support!

@ Stu: Thanks for the comments and support! That’s exactly what I was thinking when I decided to do the Yorton Cup. I figure that if I do well, that’s great, but ultimately regardless of how I do, this will give me a great idea of where I’m at and what I need to do to improve.

@ Sky: Thanks for the support!

@ Fatty: Thanks brotha!

@ Dove: I hope so!

I just wanted to thank everybody for all the comments and support! This will hopefully be a interesting experience for me and all of you and I hope I’ll learn a ton along the way and can maybe help others as well.

I think what I’m going to do is update this weekly or so with pictures and training videos. You can check out my log for actual workouts, but I’ll post videos here as well.

Here are two training vids from today’s back/biceps session:

Haven’t deadlifted in about a month so deads felt heavy today, but I cranked out what actually was a PR…I can definitely do more once I get back into the groove.

This dropset was the final thing I did today and it felt pretty good.

[quote]ebomb5522 wrote:
Here are two training vids from today’s back/biceps session.


Very nice. Good stuff…

Nice videos. You’re gonna be looking great come the Yorton Cup. I know this was mentioned in another thread, but Stu brought up the idea of getting a bunch of folks from here together after his second show and hitting some well known gyms up. Depending on how deep into your prep you are, you might just have to bring a cooler with you.

[quote]thoughts1053 wrote:
Depending on how deep into your prep you are, you might just have to bring a cooler with you.[/quote]

ahhh How nice to think that I won’t be “that guy” this time :slight_smile:


Thanks Sky!

Thoughts, I would definitely be down to get a session in sometime over the summer, even if that
Means bringing my cooler Stu : ).

What would be the best gym to meet at and who else is a NY guy?

Here is a front pic…still working on where is the best place to take these, but I’ll post a couple.