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First Contest Recap


Had my first contest this past weekend. I finished 10th out of 13 in the novice category with personal bests in the deadlift and DB clean and press, first time attempting the tire flip and crucifix hold, and a middle of the pack finish in farmer's walk.

DB clean and press 80x12 in 60 seconds
Deadlift 2" axle 315 x 15 in 60 seconds
Farmer's walk 180/hand 80 feet w/ turn at 40 42 seconds (turn was really slow)
485 lb tire flip 80 feet/ 11 flips in 52 seconds
crucifix hold with 25 lb DB 27 seconds

I was much more tired than I thought I'd be by the end and my bones/joints were throbbing for about 24 hours afterwards. I had a great time and met some really cool and really freakishly strong people.


Congratulations on completing your first contest and on the PR's!


Looks pretty good. I wouldn't worry about your mid-pack placing, as it seems like the guys who beat your numbers - 12 on the DB, 15 on the DL, may've just had you on endurance, which shouldn't be as much of an issue in a heavier contest


Thanks Bonesaw. KBC, you are correct. I was totally gassed and completely underestimated the endurance factor on all the events except farmer's walk. As I learned, it's not about flipping the tire. Everyone in the room can flip the tire (at least at my level). It's about technique and speed.

It was also a totally different experience to have the judges telling when to start. Threw me off a little bit and lost some time I'm sure.