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First Contest Pics


I just posted this pic in my thread. It got me thinking that it would be cool to see pics of other people when they first started out competing. This was me at 18 at a weight of about 180. I'm the one in black trunks by the way.


Never done any bodybuilding myself.. Just wanted to say though that I hope you won that contest... If not the judges must have been high or bribed hahaha


Holy shit Meat, you annihilated the other competitors!


This is awesome to see...looking sick for 18!

Did you compete further after this?


yeah. i won my class and the overall.


not hard to do at the age of 18. it got a bit harder as i got older though.


this was my third comp i do beleive and yes i went on to compete for quit some time.


What were your lifts back then and what did your training look like? Would you ever consider doing a contest again or getting back to contets type shape? You definitely have some admirable exp. and success in both bbing and PLing


my lifts were crap. i rarely benched because i was embarassed at how weak i was. squats have always been natural. i was squatting 500 by the time i was 18, didn't do deads though. i did a ton of circuits, drop sets and rest/puase stuff. i didn't get into strength until about 6 years ago.

i will definitely do another bodybuilding show. it will be interesting to see how my body has changed with all the heavy training.