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First Contest - NPC Southern States


Hey guys. I figure I'd make this thread for to share my experiences first time on stage. I'm competing in the lightweight teen class and crossing over with lightweight novice. Shooting for overall teen, not sure what to expect with the novice class.

Check out my training log for pics from where I'm coming from.
Here are current pics: http://imageshack.us/g/98/img0692sn.jpg/

Thanks guys.

2 weeks out tomorrow.


Best of luck Ritter


thanks bro!


Looking good brother!



You have a good structure and some good muscle bellies, hopefully two weeks is enough to lean out the rest of the way because your lower half is still soft. Very impressive for a teen, good luck!

Mind telling us age, height, weight?


Thanks Stu and Waylander both of you have been huge sources of knowledge and inspiration to me.

I'm 19, 5'7, 163.2 this morning. Coming down from a high of 215. I started prepping with Jason Theobald at 170 5 weeks ago.


He has only had you lose ~6 lbs in 5 weeks? That's odd....

Either way man, you'll do well.


Well its actually only been 4 weeks. He had me down to 161 but then I started creatine and I think that 2 lbs is water weight.

I appreciate it man.


Yo here are some more pics....11 days out


You actually look a bit harder, did the creatine come out or something? If not, when does it come out?

Also, you should really buzz your hair/shave it for the show IMO.I You'll look a bit bigger if you did that.


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Good luck with the show!


Thanks Melted! I actually dropped creatine the day after! Jason dropped my cals and upped my morning and hiit cardio. I agree,I plan on getting a buzz 1 or 2 days out.

And thanks BBB and sctb!


I'm sure everyone else prepping for a show is feeling my pain today. Dropping salt and artificial sweetners and beginning depletion today. 157.6 lbs. Should have some more pics up soon.


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Getting down to the wire! You're looking great, and I know Jason will really dial you in for game day.



Thanks Bushy and Stu! Yeah Jason knows his stuff.

Here's pics from tonight. 3 days out!


You look great man I'm sure you'll do well! Jelly as hell but I'm a young un too, so have time :slightly_smiling:


Lol thanks Jake.

2 days out. Everything is coming together.



heres 1 day out