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First Contest Diet Structure, 12 Weeks Out

Hello guys long time reader and it is my first post in the forum I’m 12 weeks out 5.11 and 183 lb

Meal one 5am
50 grams uncooked rice
125g Beef 5% cooked
7g olive oil

Workout 6am till 7.20

Meal 2 8.15
80 g steel cut oats
50 grams whey
150g orange

Meal three 1pm
165g Chicken breast cooked
200 g raw sweet potato
50g avocado

Meal 4
50 g whey
200 g strawberries

Meal 5
40 g chicken breast cooked
4 whole eggs

How does this look to you guys Thanks a lot and have a great day!

Probably good to post some pictures along with your diet so people experienced in this type of thing can tell you if you’re on the right track.

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I’m trying get an image of 40 grams of chicken breast in my mind.

I’d like to know your age and how many years of weight training with reasonably heavy weights you have had.
Obviously pics would help.

Still working on my confidence to post photos i am 21 and been lifting for 6 years but only the last 2.5 are actually done right with guidance from older lifters

It’s like half a fist of mine it is my first show and I do it for the experience but I know you guys know your shit as far as training and nutrition is concerned

Does your diet include any peri-workout nutrition?
If so, how many days per week are workouts that include peri-workout nutrition?

How long have you been eating 5 meals per day?

Have you started this diet plan of yours yet? If so, how long?

I forgot to mention that I use 25 grams of dextrose and 10 grams of eaas during my workouts 7 days a week i am doing push pull legs push pull legs and last day of the week training abs when I train abs I don’t use intra workout

The confidence needed to post a pic of yourself is well below the confidence needed to walk on stage, nearly naked, having your body compared to the others around you and a “standard” in everyone’s mind.

So, I ask, is this contest a bodybuilding contest or a physique contest?

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It id a mental Barrier for me unfortunately . It is a natural physique show as I don’t have the muscle needed to compete in bodybuilding

You don’t mention how much muscle you have. That’s where pics would help.

At 5’ 11", 183lbs is fairly good size if it is a large percentage of muscle. Another way of answering the question without pics is to tell us your strength in the major compound lifts. What are you best poundages in the following movements?

  • Bench Press
  • Overhead press
  • Squats (at least as low as parallel)
  • Deadlifts
  • Pullups (max reps you can do)

Please include the weight and number of reps if you don’t do single max lifts.

Does this mean that it is drug tested for AAS’s and that you will be wearing long shorts?

Last time I tried to do an 1rm in bench i had 120kg
I can deadlift 190 for 5 reps
Squat 130 for 5 (my legs are underdeveloped)
Overhead press 75 for 5
And I can do about 15 strict pull ups


I assume all weights are in kilograms.

All of what follows is my approach to contests:
Pick a couple of those lifts to use as a gauge of muscle loss. This is the last thing you want. Test yourself on one of the presses and the squat now to see how much you can lift for 10 reps. Using percentages you should be able to lift the following weights 10 reps (2% per rep):

  • Bench Press: 96kg
  • Overhead Press: 67kg
  • Squat: 115kg

I picked 10 reps as you might want to be doing higher reps in the weeks up to the contest.

Every week perform the 10 rep test on the two exercises you chose. If you are getting weaker, you are losing muscle. You need to add some calories. You can tolerate a small loss of strength.

Check the mirror daily, looking to be getting sharper. If you don’t notice a change after 3 weeks, you are eating too many calories.

Coaching blind is next to impossible. You will need an unbiased eye to give you accurate feedback. The ideal situation is to maintain your strength while you see more muscle definition. A very difficult goal.

This is your first show, so don’t expect it all to go perfectly. Sometimes the first attempt falls far short of your hopes. I came in dead last in my first contest.


I really appreciate all of your responses rt nomad thanks for the feedback and the guiding i IAM currently working with an older competitor as sort of a coach i will implement the test you advised take care and thanks again

Allow me to add one more thought: IMO anxiety is your biggest enemy come contest day. You need to control that, or you will hold more water under your skin and have a smooth look.

Most competitors say they missed their peak. They looked good the day before the show and actually look much better when they wakeup Sunday morning, wondering why they didn’t place higher. IMO, they most likely didn’t miss their peak, they were just too anxious the day of the show. If you’re nervous it is costly. You will look flat.

I am still nervous but I’ll work on it I’ll try to implement some more relaxing walks thanks i didn’t know that