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First Competition


I had my first competition yesterday, and it was a blast! I competed at a NAS sanctioned meet in San Diego. I ended up placing third overall in the lightweight division out of eight. The events were…

  1. Press Medley
    Keg->Circus DB->Log clean and press for 3
    My time ended up at 36.8 seconds, which is wayyyy faster than what I had been able to accomplish during training. During training I was scoring between 40 and 45 seconds. In this event, I placed 3rd.

  2. Zercher Carry
    400 pounds for 100 feet
    I finished with a time of 15 seconds, which was good enough for first.

  3. Car Deadlift (max reps-60 sec)
    I ended up with 31 reps and first in the event

  4. Tire Flip
    650 75 feet
    I ended with a time of 35 seconds, which got me to 4th

  5. Keg over Bar
    56" 175 pound keg
    Ended up with 12 loads in 60 seconds. 4th place.

Overall it was a great time and I can’t wait to do another! The events that really got me were the tire flip and keg over bar. I had only had access to a 1000 pound tire and a 400 pound tire during training. I think I’m going to go ahead and get myself I tire before my next competition. I had access to a keg, however had been incorrectly practicing the loading event. I need to do more research on the events before my next competition.

As for the most brutal event, it was by far the car deadlift. After my set, I felt like my quads were going to give out.

For the tire flip, any advice on how to be more efficient? I feel like I spent a lot of time getting into position.


Congratulations on your comp - two first places is no joke. Do you place your hands/arms inside your legs or outside in the tyre flip?


Thank you tsantos!! I had my hands inside my legs. Which way do you think would be more efficient?


Great work dude! I did that show last year at Grinder Gym when Zak Kirk put it on. One of the most fun shows I ever did. Glad to hear you had a good time. Good luck on the next one!


Thanks! It was a blast, really glad I drove out to compete. I live in Tucson, but the drive was worth it. You too!


All tires shaped different, separate techniques, just try to grab frog style, push with legs , while grab lugs where have best leverage at same time and lift. Also come up on calve as much as possible


Having legs wider easier to balance not to wide as height is better leverage


Congratulations man, sounds like an awesome experience!


I find hands outside legs to be the better option on most tires. You grip as wide as possible and start with the tire right under your chin. This allows you to lift it as high as possible just through triple extension and takes the biceps out of it. Foot width just comes down to the width where you get the most power based on your hip structure.


That’s awesome man, congrats! I’m starting to gear my training more into strongman as well and hopefully get my first competition under my belt early next year.
Great results for your first comp, I can only imagine how addicted you are now!


Way to go. Two firsts in your first competition is awesome. 31 reps in a car deadlift sounds awful


Basically this. Wide hands makes the initial movement harder but the second easier. For most people this means better tyre flips.

The starting position is awkward so give it time but you need to make the call based on your ability


Thank you for the advice/support everyone! I appreciate the help. I’m going to pick up a tire hopefully next weekend for training next go around.

I am all signed up for my next competition in October; one of the events is the axle tire deadlift. I do have a axle bar but am unsure of what height I should expect at the competition… Any ideas?


Ask the promoter. Tires are various heights.

Alternatively, you could use ROM progression deadlifts to get good at various heights. That is primarily how I train deads.


Awesome, will do! Thank you. I ran your ROM progression program a year and a half ago to get my first 600 pound pull… that program works! Thank you for posting it.