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First Competition Prep


I’m entering the Viking summer raid in July in WV. First day is powerlifting second is strongman. I’m going to do both. I’ve got a pretty good idea on the powerlifting prep. I’m running 531.
Events are Block press, weight over bar, atlas stone press, caber toss and mas wrestling. I’m going to go ahead and start front squats and really hammer my ohp, rows and curls. I have stones, heavy dumbbells and can make a block. So I’m thinking about 2 cycles out hitting the specific lifts once or twice a week. Is there anything I’m missing? Anyway to be better prepared?


Awful haha

If it’s your first comp, then it is worth keeping the focus on learning from the prep and getting a feel for game day.

Keep getting stronger. In your early days, you can’t go wrong adding 20kg to your deadlift. You can go wrong stalling your deadlift to perfect your caber toss technique. So you are probably better off training the events once per week and not too heavy if you are also hammering away with presses, squats, etc.

Anyway, enjoy the process and the days. It should be lots of fun and talk to everyone!


Kind of off topic but how do strongmen usually split up getting stronger on more conventional lifts and competition events? I’m guessing it changes as they get more advanced and bigger and stronger


Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind and leave my focus for the most part on building a base of strength.


Of all the strongman programming I’ve seen this kinda seems typical

General strength off season- deadlift and press focus but they still cover all bases

And if you’re to implements, practice as well I.e. contenintal clean with axel, log clean and press etc.

Seems like working up to heavy 2,3,4,5 with back off volume is common as well.

Once they get close to event and know what events will be there they shift their focus to those specifically.


Biggest factor is really how far away you are from competing. The only guys who step out of squat/bench/deadlift programming and just clean house are just strong as hell. Most dudes that do well train the implements. And we’re talking local shows here.

that being said getting stronger at pressing overhead, deadlifting and carrying stuff will always carry over.