First Competition in March, Another in April. Advice?


Is there still time left? You look good but the conditioning could be tighter.


A bit over 4 weeks left and yeah I know thats why im worried.

A bit over 4 weeks left and yeah I know thats why im worried.

Get leaner and more conditioned. 4 weeks should be more than enough

How’s it going, about 3 weeks out now? Agreed with the other posters, if you were on track for physique you’d be in better shape, for bodybuilding at 4 weeks out there’s more work to be done. Any recent pics?

Definitely in a much better place! How’re you feeling? Hopefully miserable, because the old adage about “you need to feel awful to look this good” very often holds true -lol


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For Sure feel like crap, I’ve cut my carbs in half for the next few days and then starting Sunday 0 carbs until Thursday then start carb up. Keeping water and sodium high until night of the show


SOunds like a decent plan. If you’re going for depletion before loading, don’t keep your protein too high. It’s a mistake I see a lot of guys make.

If you need a few detailed bits of advice I’m sure you can find me off site :wink:


Proteins is at about 1.5g per pound does that sound okay?

That’s actually pretty high if you’re looking to run your stor d glycogen down preload.

Okay, another quick question. It seems that since I lowered my carbs and no I’m going to zero today, that I’m holding a lot more water. My water intake is higher but so I my sodium, is this normal?

Most competitors who deplete/load into a show will look very flat the week of. Typically, sodium and water are both high, which keeps everything moving along regularly with an unchanged net sodium level in your body.

Now I have no clue what you;re eating, but ingesting large amounts of water shouldnt have you retaining water. If you’re a bit blurry, it’s possibly more due to your glycogen levels, and having no real “pop” to your muscles.

@BrickHead ?


Did your recently raise sodium levels, or are they the same as they have been? I always prefer high sodium normally and especially throughout a prep. If you raised your sodium recently, it may result in some extra water as your body regulates to the new intake.

Agreed here, after your carb up you should be just fine.

What are you planning for your carb up?

As you know, I got paper-thin skin for my show while guzzling tons of water and non-caloric drinks and salting my foods and salting my foods as usual, and eating tons of veggies and two to four fruit servings per day.

Natural bodybuilders don’t retain water.

You can see how I looked in my leaning out thread.

Edit: If I have it correct, you show was this weekend?

How was it? Got pics?

its this weekend, ill post pics but in the mean time everything has been tightening up greatly. todays my last day on delpetion. Ill start to carb up tomorrow

i never competed so i dont know what a stage ready body looks like but i personally think you look great.

best of luck to you in the competition. looking forward to seeing the final package.

Anxiously waiting!! :wink: