First Competition in 2 Weeks

I’m competing in my first strongman competition in 2 weeks out here in San Diego. My training partner has been competing for a few years now, and he’s introduced me to a few other guys who compete; they’ve all been extremely helpful as I enter the strongman world. I just figured I’d see if any of you guys have some tips for the day of the competition; any advice would be much appreciated!

The events and weights (competing as a Novice):
1.) Axle Clean and Press for reps (60 second time limit/200lbs.)
2.) Car Deadlift for reps (60 second time limit/WTBD)
3.) Yoke/Keg Carry Medley (60 ft/60 second time limit/500lb yoke, 185lb keg)
4.) Tire Flip (60 ft/60 second time limit/500lb tire)
5.) Atlas stones (48 inch platform/60 second time limit/200-220-240-275-295)

My goals for this competition is to successfully complete all 5 events and have fun. I’ve only been training in the events since the middle of the summer, and I just made the decision to compete about a month ago. If this experience goes well, then I’m definitely thinking of pursuing it further; again, any tips or advice for the day of would be much appreciated.