First Competition. How was Yours?

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Had no idea you also trained the Olympic lifts, thought you were just an advanced calisthenics/gymnastics guy.

I am a former Olympic lifter turned advanced calisthenics/gymnastics trainee.

1st meet was in the 77kg division (weighed in at 75.8). I was self-coached and went 6 for 6. Top snatch was 82.5, top clean/jerk was 110. Got 1st place. Then again the competition wasn’t that great in the 77kg division in that particular meet.

I’ll admit I enjoyed the lifts and training but never really enjoyed competing and never felt a rush or any excitement while on the competitive platform which I did over the course of 4 years.[/quote]

Yeah, try to train them both evenly. I’m pretty busy at the moment with both movements. Recently started a (mainly bodyweight) workout series called ‘STRONGER!’ that will be going for the next several weeks, training every second day and then I am also training for weightlifting nationals on the 11th July!

Nice going at your first comp btw :slight_smile: Over the four years roughly how many competitions did you enter and by how much did your lifts increase?[/quote]

I would only do 3 other competitions in that 4-year time frame and, because I never really trained fulltime on the lifts, my progress was pathetic. Just an increase of 5 kilos on my clean & jerk and a measly 2.5kg on the snatch. I would literally train for no more than 6 weeks prior to the competition after doing more of a “bodybuilding” style of training most of the time. Bottom line is if you want to excel at something specific, then you have to train specifically for it.

I remember smashing myself in the chin during a jerk on my 2nd attempt. That was pretty embarrassing.

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I remember smashing myself in the chin during a jerk on my 2nd attempt. That was pretty embarrassing. [/quote]

It happens…but has never happened in comp to me! I hit myself with the bar once in training though :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen about 4 or 5 people black out in comp before but no injuries so that is cool. It looks f0cking bad ass sometimes though lol, more so that they were not injured. Sometimes they get the shakes as they dip down to do the Jerk LOL.


First meet today! Went 90 100 102x, 110 115 120 as a 105 weighing in at 99.3.

I feel really good about it overall. Technique needs A LOT of work… never realized how atrocious my knee knock is on the pull.

Overall a good experience and a lot of work left to be done in the future.

First of all, excellent job performing under pressure at your first meet!! :smiley: 5/6 is pretty solid for a first meet (or any meet for that matter)!!

What’s up with the 10kg jump between 1st and 2nd snatch, then only a 2 kg jump??

Thanks man! I felt really confident at 90, and honestly figured it would probably take me two tries to hit 100 - that was to my tie all-time PR and I’m shocked I hit it on the first attempt. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. So I didn’t have a plan and just went up to 102 to try for a new PR.

Was a local unofficial comoetition. Three snatch attempts at 130, hit the last one, second one nearly took my shins out coming down. Didn’t try to make weight, was nervous as hell, as everyone else was seasoned, and better off being forgotten.

Did my first comp in November went 6/6 105/155 so i was over the moon! got my next one in 2 days.