First Competition - Fat or Carb Load?

I have my first competition next Saturday. I’ve been low carb for the last couple months. I was planning on doing a carb up on Friday (actually, Thib and Shugs “6 Days to Shredded” plan). But, I’ve just been given some advice to stay away from this and do a fat load…

I don’t really know much about this. The reason given form me to do this was that since I’ve been low carb for so long now…why change it the DAY before my show?

Anyone who could give me some insight/advice on what has worked for them would be much appreciated.


You change it the day before the contest because your goal for contest day is different than all the days leading up to it. If you read that article, then you know what to do.

Have you ever done a competition?


I’ve personally done the cutting portion of that recommendation to make weight, but not the replenish part.

The only thing I’ve heard about fat loading was from Scott Abel as he seems to be the expert in that area. I believe the theory has to do with how carbs draw water into the abdominal region when you carb load making your abs disappear. Good luck with the competition!