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First Competition Cycle Advice

Hey guys. I’ve been around here for years, not posted too much. I was natural until recently and am contemplating jumping in my first show this summer. One of my good buddies is a good regional bb, working on that pro card still. He has given me the majority of advice for past cycles. This is what he recommended for the show… and it seems like A LOT of gear to me. I’ve taken tests, eq, and some orals, but never messed with tren/win or halo. I’ve read a lot about it, and now I’m just looking for extra feedback before I jump in the pool. Thanks in advance for the advice, and let me know if I didn’t include something I should have.

age: 27
height: 6’0
weight: 216
bf %: 13

16 wk cycle:

1-8, Test-E @ 500mg/wk, M/Th
1-6, EQ @ 400mg/wk, M/Th (The Eq taper is b/c I will be starting up tren at wk 9)
Wk 7 @ 300mg/wk
Wk 8 @ 200mg/wk
1-4, Dbol @ 40mg/day, 20/20 morning/pre-workout
9-14, Test Prop @ 150mg/EOD
9-16, Tren Ace @ 75mg/EOD
11-16, Winny @ 50mg/EOD
13-16, Proviron @ 25mg/day
15-16, Halo @ 20-40mg/day


Aromasin @ 25mg/day throughout. I’ve used it before and have never had any adverse sides from previous cycles.

HcG @ 500iu/wk, M/Th, weeks 9-end. (My buddy doesn’t agree with this part… he says that he just pins 2500iu sporadically when his balls tighten up or he notices shrinking… in the past Iâ??ve done 500iu twice a week for the second half of cycles, always worked well)

Clen for 8 weeks, starting at 40mcg a day and slowly working up to 80mcg a day for the last 2 weeks.

T3 at 25mcg/day for last 4 weeks

PCT will be Torem a week after the show… also used this before, and retain much of my strength and about 90% of my size.

In terms of show-goals, obviously I want to win. I think I’ll try to come in at light heavy (198.5) and take it from there.

If your going to run EQ for muscle gain bump it to at least 600mgs a week, and run it for at a minimum of 12 weeks. EQ is apparently BETTER for your joints than ‘deca’ is; around 320mgs a week for an ‘average’ sized guy would be enough for the collagen production boost.

Why are you dropping the test in week 14 before you drop the tren in 16? A lot of people on here are proponents of lower test, higher tren cycles, so thats something to think about…

dropping the test two weeks out from the show to help with water retention concerns… im stopping the eq prior to hte tren because I’ve read that you shouldn’t run both simutaneously.

tren and eq, why not?