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First Competition. Advice?

I’m entering my first ever lifting competition of any sort in about 2 months. I played sports for 12 years, so I’m not worried about the actual competitive aspect of it, if that makes any sense. My concerns are facing more towards the fact that I don’t know what to expect.

I’ve never lifted weights in front of more than maybe 10-15 people before (and they weren’t all focusing on me). Never been judged before either. I currently weigh around 220lbs so I know I’m going to get smoked in my weight class, but I’m just there to have fun and maybe hit a PR or two. If anyone has any advice on how to prepare mentally or physically, both in the weeks and days leading up to the competition, and on competition day, it’d be very much appreciated. Thank you guys

Edit: I understand the basics of tapering for a competition because I had to do that for the sectional and state meet for shot put and discus in high school. I just wanted to put that out there so I don’t sound like a complete rookie (even though I basically am)

Do you have someone to watch the scorer’s table for you? Timing your warm-ups so you’ll be ready when called is going to be difficult otherwise. Generally, you want to do one warm-up lift every three lifts on the platform, so if you have 10 warm-ups, start with about 25 lifts prior to yours. Pay close attention to those opening near you, as they may jump their openers and move you up in the order.

Choose an opener that you can make on any day, your second attempt should be a weight you regularly make. I wouldn’t worry about placings, but that is part of the fun of it so if inclined, save that for your 3rd attempt C&J, then go after a weight you need to medal or move up.

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Yeah, it’s me and 4-6 of my friends plus one of our coaches. But overall that sounds like awesome advice, thanks man!

That’s great, you’ll be fine. I went to my first meet by myself, drove three hours and did not know anyone. A guy asked me if I used a hook grip and I had to ask, “what is that?” This is how you learn. Good luck.

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Hahaha that’s hilarious! If I remember to, I’ll post some my results with some videos in my log and tag you in it. Thanks again my man

This might seem obvious, but watch a video or two of O-lifting from a meet so you understand how “rising bar” works. Some people who aren’t familiar with this and think it’s like a powerlifting meet or a shotput flight (where everyone takes their first attempt, then everyone takes their second attempt, then everyone takes their third) may be confused if they don’t know the flow of an O-lifting meet with rising bar attempts.

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You’re speakin my language now. So if I were to open at 105kg, hit it, then my second attempt is 115kg but there’s nobody between 105kg and 115kg, would I be doing back-to-back reps essentially? I’ll still check out a video, but I’m just curious

Yes, that’s correct.

The bar only goes up in weight. If you open at 105 kg and hit it, you’ll put in your next attempt (say, 110kg). Suppose the next lifter also attempts 105 kg and fails, so he wants to take the same weight again; he has to take his next 105 attempt before any weight is added to the bar.

You will not be called for your 110kg attempt until every person who is lifting less than that has completed their attempts.


Most important thing is to just go out there and have fun. It’s your first competition. Don’t stress too much and talk to the other lifters. Once you do the first one, you’ll understand the flow from here on out.

The 2nd most important thing, don’t eat Taco Ball until after the competition. If you do before, bad things will happen!

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Thank you for explaining it so clearly lol! I’m glad I know what to expect now