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First Comp


Hey people here are the results of my first competition let me know what u think. I came first in the Novice category and have been training for a year.








You look great for your first competition, congratulations on your win! Your quads look good and good calves too. You should focus on adding upper body width and density for your next show and really hit your chest and lats hard. You look like you have lots of potential. Also, and I don't know the regulations of your competition in Australia, but maybe get some trunks that don't cover so much? You look like you had some decent seperation in your hams and glutes and it's hard to see in those trunks.


Congratulations! Looks like you've got some "wheels" after all (an allusion to your thread of some few months ago).

What kind of routine did you use to get to this shape?


Thanks mate im after all the help i can get. I only have two weeks till the next comp so not much hope on gettin my lats a great deal bigger but i will be getting new trunks thats for sure!


Generally a two day split routine with about 2 hours per session. I would generally throw my abs in at the end of a workout but found i wasnt getting the results i had hoped so then i dedicated actual 'ab hours' where i would do nothing but abs. I had to bring my legs particularly quads a long way as i was generally bigger in the upper body so i would often do 5x5 sets on squats with a post fatigue leg extension rotated with heave leg press and lunge days.

Also once every two weeks i would do a 10x10 sets to complete failure and that was painful! ANy particulars let me know


Great shape keep it up with more training years you will just see greater thickness and size , Goodluck who knows maybe someday you will bring home the Sandow :slight_smile:




pointers anyone else?


quads and hams look great. Excellent overall.
Although the man-thong would show off that separation better, I prefer these trunks and wish they would make a comeback in the pro ranks.


Great work. Congratulations on your success. As others have said, adding upper body mass seems to be a priority. You have a solid foundation and you're on the path to greater success. Best of luck to you!


How tall are you and what weight did you compete at?

Good job on your first comp.


Excellent work! Much better than this joke:



You have a stellar physique for the competetion. I can't wait to see how you progress.


looks as if you have a good peak in your biceps, congratulations on the win. I myself am planning on a bb comp in june 28th, could you tell me wat to expect. But for one year of training you have some bitchin genetics.


Lotta nerves, lotta sweat, wondering whether you peaked your diet too soon or if you should have dropped more water. I tried to go into it not expecting too much and just get the experience so i could maybe try again next year. I was only 19 so i was the youngest on stage little bit intimidating.

Best advice i could offer you is just practice your posing till you feel comfortable then let things happen however they will. Let me know how you go ey i am competing again in October this year.


I am 181 cm and weighed at 85 for comp