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First Comp Alberta Junior Championships


Took first place in Junior Albertas


Side Triceps


Abs and Thigh


A video of my legs backstage the day of the show. The other pics were taken 2 days out.


My posing routine. I left it until the last minute and put it together 45 minutes before I had to walk on stage :S




you've only been training for one year?


Im 18 years old
Ive been training since I was 14 but only got smart about it a year or so ago, up until that point I was a misinformed upper body warrior. You might notice my legs are still a little underdeveloped compared to the rest of my body.
I dont use anything close to maximal lifts in my training:
Squat: 255 for 15-20 reps
Bench: 255 for 12-15 reps
Deadlift: 255 for 15-20 reps


Weighed in at 183.5 night before the show, Im about 5 11 1/2


Looking good OP! Congrats too!! I can't believe you use the same weight for all 3 lifts! Anyways keep up the good work!


Good stuff bro. The tan onstage really makes a hell of a difference compared to the 1st group of pics (not that they're bad, but you looked real good onstage for a young-in')



Just got my professional photos, heres a few


Side Chest


Back Biceps




ab and thigh


Side Triceps


What's up with your eyes in the first professional picture? Good job btw


absolutely incredible shape for being only 18 and not being very short in height. do you plan on pursuing bodybuilding as a career?

regarding your training, why do you use the same weight on bench/squat/dead? is this only cos you used to train upper body? because a 255 DL is extremely low even if for high reps.


Thanks man, yeah I definitely plan on continuing, my next competition is Canadian Junior Nationals.

Well Ive always been stronger in my upper body than my lower body, even before I started lifting, and like I said earlier I spent the first couple years training almost exclusively upperbody. Ive done alot to bring up my legs in the last year but obviously they still have some catching up to do. Ive never been that concerned with strength or what numbers I lift, my only focus is getting bigger and lifting more weight is just a means to an end, if that makes sense.


They are closed I believe