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First Comp 20 Weeks Out. 50lb Weight Cut. Wanna Take First in my Class

Toying around with the idea with entering my first comp next year. I was originally gonna slate one for next sept but I decided that I wanted to try and get it in before the end of May so I could still lift in the junior class, so I’m eyeing one on April 22. I’m sitting at a very fluffy 270 right now and feel like my best shot to actually take first would be junior 220 lb raw class. Since it’s been softest the last couple of years. Would a 50lb cut over 20 weeks be unheard of for a first comp? I know it’s probably not ideal, but I wanna actually set a goal to do something daunting and do it. I have a lot of research to do on how to even prep for a competition, so I’ll take any advice and pointers I can get

Current lifts(rough guesses): 435/ 285/ 455


I know these numbers Dont seem high, but like I said, the competition in this class has bee super lax. Last year they hardly had anybody over lift more than 450/300/520. I see no shame in trying to come in on the very first try and sweeping a weak class lol

Will post back with a training plan as soon as I figure that shit out myself

Probably not a good idea cutting that much that fast. Training and lifts/numbers will probably be affected especially bench. Where you will be at come comp time will be unpredictable also

There’s no way you are going to increase your lifts that much while cutting 50lbs. at the same time, unless you are taking steroids for the first time as well.

Probably not. I set em high so even if I come up short, I’ll still be in a good place. Plus I’m really fat right now. Probably like %30 so I shouldn’t have to do too ridiculous of a cut to shed it in time

Well you can’t say that. He never said his height. If he’s under 6 ft id say its possible with a lot of work. Those goal are not very hard for a 220 lifter. That said… @lord_humongous you never know who will show up at meets. How its been in the past doesn’t tell you anything. There could be a 230 lb junior thinking the same thing right now going 550/400/640.

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Yeah I thought about that too. If a ringer shows up than so be it. It’s not about actually winning as much as its about the kick in the ass to put forth the effort to try and win. My main goals are to get unfat and get strong so I’d say this is a push in both directions lol

Also, I’m 6’3".

Inb4 Yury Belkin rocks up

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Has pretty much all been said. Do whatever the fuck you want to do tho. 50lb cut will get you looking pretty sexy so even if you don’t do as well as you’d like on the platform at least you’ll look good doing it.


I just don’t think that being in enough of a caloric deficit to lose over 2lbs. a week is going to result in 140lbs. increase on his total, over what his rough guesses of his maxes are right now.

Yes it’ll be super tough for sure. But to be fair, literally in just the last month my squat has gone from 375x1 to 365x5, 405x2, hoping to hit 435x1 next week. Obviously I cant keep that progression up, but still. Plus I’ve already hit 315 on bench. I just have to be able to do it with a pause in the next 5 months lol. And deadlift I really don’t. I just figured if I could get my squat up to 495 my deadlift would naturally come up with it with a little effort. I guess I would be cool with 500

Are you cutting weight right now too?

In the long run, around 270 would be a good weight for you at your height but you want to be leaner for sure, maybe 20%bf at most and leaner if possible. Rather than trying to win a weight class in a meet that doesn’t mean anything, maybe try to gradually cut so that you can make more progress in terms of strength would be a better way to go and focus on the long term. Like try to lose about 1 pound a week, which will certainly have less impact on strength/building strength than what you had in mind. You could do short bulking cycles as well (after the meet) but nothing drastic, aim to gain no more than 1/2lb per week for about a month and then cut again.

Cutting for too long becomes less effective and you will plateau in terms of fat loss, plus you will start to lose a lot of muscle (and probably strength too). Also, you don’t want to cut more than 2lbs. per week, even if strength is not a priority, because you will lose significant amounts of muscle mass at that rate. The exception would be if you were using certain PEDs, but that’s not something I’m qualified to talk about and I’m not recommending it either.

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And deadlift in training or it won’t get very far. Even if only speed deadlifts. Very few people have had success with zero deadlift training. Even @KennyCrox, who has successfully used no-deadlift training to set a state record, still said he would recommend pulling singles with 85% (if I remember correctly).

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