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First Clen Cycle Diary


Read up across numerous online forums about Clen and decided to take the plunge. There seems to be a lot of uncertainty about it and various opinions about it, so I wanted to share my first cycle experience for those who were maybe considering it too as a bit of a reference point.

Some stats for me, I’m 220lbs, 33, 13 - 14% BF been lifting seriously for the past year and nutrition has been fairly on point. I’ve had sporadic 2 or 3 month periods over the past 7 years of committing to the gym before getting distracted with work etc…

Doing a 2 week cycle of Clen which I’ll potentially extend to 3 weeks with 50mg Benadryl introduced in the 3rd week if I decide to extend. Working with LA Pharma 40mcg pills…


Why benadryl? Thats an antihistamine. I would choose bronkaid over benadryl.