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First Clen Cycle. 80mcg and Nothing

Hey guys,

Trying to lean out a little bit more before I start my test e cycle. I’m eating super clean, 45 mins of cardio and wanted to try a short cycle of Clen. I started at 20mcg, then went to 40mcg… no noticeable effects at all, and now today I’m at 80mcg… still nothing. Purchased this from a reputable US seller, well known… I’m HIGHLY desensitized from caffeine, could this make me need a higher dose to feel anything? My HR is 60bpm atm on 80mcg of Clen. I am worried I got some fake stuff. It is pill form. Tell me if this is normal or not.

Thank u.

Yeah that doesn’t sound right. I def notice when I start taking it from slight shaking of hands to excess sweating.

Take a few days off. On those off days take a Benadryl before bed. Then hit the clen again and see if you notice anything. Do not try to dose it much higher just to see if it’s legit.

Contacted seller, offered to send me another package. Excellent service!! I’m gonna keep using these guys for sure. Gonna take time off in mean time now as suggested above.

If the first package was full of bunk what makes you think this next package won’t be more of the same?


Yeah I’m with yubs here. Wouldn’t call it excellent service if you are getting a crap product too.

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Good point

Did more research on this manufacturer of Clen, I didn’t realize it has a scratch code on the back of the package that I can put in to check on the pharmaceutical site that made this product to verify it’s authenticity. 16 digit code. Came back as authentic. I feel it’s legitimate and I’m going to message my seller and tell them to not send me a replacement as I don’t want to rip them off.

I get mine in liquid form from a research chemical site. Can’t share sources here, but its cheap and legit. I start at 40mcg and can feel it hardcore. Maybe ditch it and try another source seeing as its pretty inexpensive?

I’m pretty sure I know what site ur referring to, 30ml for $25 right now for a bottle I believe. My body fat is at 12% now so I’m going to pause my cutting routine and start my first test e cycle now. Have letro, hcg, ai, nolva, and clomid on hand already and enough tests e for 12 weeks. I’m good to go. I’ll create a seperate post for my cycle to be evaluated and tweaked by u more experienced bros.

I was originally wanting to get to single digit body fat % as I know it helps with sides for a cycle… but today’s my birthday (hate aging, 37 now) and my divorce is getting ugly so I’m kind of in a fk it mindset, let’s get this party started…

I’m going to order the liquid from the research site and have it on hand for after my first cycle.

Bingo… best of luck to ya.

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I love those scratch codes. I swear they were invented by the DEA to track the IP addresses of the people who enter them into the website. After a major EU lab got busted my first thought was “INTERPOL is 100% in control of the company website and every single guy who goes to verify his gear is giving his personal data to law enforcement”.

Hahaha, fk… I don’t need those thoughts in my head lol… I used my cell phone on a data plan, not WiFi, so luckily that IP address is constantly changing